Pantech Element

Pantech Element on sale for $200 without contract

If you're looking for a wireless broadband tablet without the wireless contract, you've got to be prepared to pay the piper, at least in the US. But every once in a while one of these tablets (typically a less-popular device) will go on sale. So it is with the Pantech Element, AT&T's odd combination of water/dust resistance and LTE speeds. A refurbished version of the Element is now on sale on eBay for $199.95 with free shipping.

Pantech Element gets root and custom recovery

What's the use of having a waterproof tablet if you can't get a little dirty... figuratively speaking, anyway. That seems to be the inspiration behind RootzWiki members attn1 and roman220, who gave the gift of root to AT&T's Pantech Element tablet just today and immediately installed ClockworkMod recovery to, as it were, boot. The process is fairly simple as root goes: connect the tablet to your computer with ADB enabled, get into the fastboot interface, send over a custom image, then download a SuperUser app and you're done. Check out the original thread for more precise instructions.

AT&T Pantech Element discounted $50 with Pantech Burst smartphone

Like a lot of smaller Asian manufacturers, Pantech is making a big push in North America this year looking to expand its smartphone market share. If early moves with AT&T are any example, it'll do that by leveraging tablets. Starting today, you can buy the new Pantech Element tablet and the Burst budget smartphone for $250 all together - a $50 discount on both. A new or recurring AT&T contract is required and - sigh - you'll have to pay separately for both the tablet and smartphone data. On the plus side, both tablet and smartphone are the cheapest devices in their class to use AT&T's fledgling 4G LTE network.

Pantech Element AT&T LTE tablet hands-on

This week we've been running around like zombies at CES but today we took a minute to sit down with Pantech and their new AT&T 4G LTE tablet and smartphone. The Pantech Element is an 8" waterproof tablet that will be taking a quick dunk in some ice water, then check out the full specs below.

Pantech Element waterproof tablet leaks for AT&T: $299 on January 8th

The latest addition to AT&T's tablet range comes from an unlikely source. Pantech, previously happy enough to make cheap smartphones, will be releasing a surprisingly novel Honeycomb tablet with AT&T LTE connectivity in just a few days. According to BGR, the Element also includes basic waterproof specification. You get some fairly standard specs including an 8-inch screen running the latest version of Honeycomb for just $299.99, which makes the new tablet the cheapest available on AT&T.