Tablet maker Pandigital goes under — Will not honor warranties on devices

If you own a Pandgital budget tablet, you may be out of luck if something goes wrong with your device. Pandigital, the company that used to make tablets and other devices, has gone belly up. Officially, the company shut its door earlier this year, but rather than file for bankruptcy, all of its assets were signed over to creditors to pay off the companies large outstanding debts.

Pandigital Planet, Nova and Star budget tablet trio revealed

Pandigital has outed a trio of new Android tablets, as well as the promise of a high-end model by the end of the quarter. The Pandigital Planet, Nova and Star will all hit shelves this month, each toting a 7-inch touchscreen - 800 x 480 on the Star; 800 x 600 on the Planet and Nova), WiFi, Barnes & Noble's eBookstore app preloaded, and both WiFi and HDMI connectivity. Unfortunately, as the $159 starting price might suggest, we're not looking at Honeycomb here. Instead, the Planet and Star each run Android 2.2 Froyo, while the Nova steps up to 2.3 Gingerbread. Pandigital tells us that future firmware updates are in the pipeline, but it's unclear whether that will ever include a step up to Google's tablet-centric Android branch. Both the Planet and Star have 2GB of integrated memory, while the Nova doubles that to 4GB; there's a microSD card slot and USB On-The-Go support, though with a mini USB port you'll need an adapter if you want to plug in a regular thumb-drive or peripherals. Pandigital has struck a deal with GetJar to include the software download store on all three models - there's no official Android Market access, at least until the hacks arrive - and there are apps for email, browser, the camera (rear on all models; front-facing on the Star) for stills and video and the OfficeSuite Viewer for opening documents. The Pandigital Planet (R70A200) is on sale today for $189, while the Pandigital Nova (R70F400/ R70F452) will arrive this week for $189. The Pandigital Star (R70B200) will follow on in mid-August for $159. Meanwhile, Pandigital is promising a "flagship" tablet for September, though details won't be released until next month. [gallery]

Pandigital Nova Cheap Android Tablet Just $169 at Best Buy

I know everyone wants a cheap Android Tablet and this could be just what you were looking for. If a fancy Android Honeycomb tablet doesn't suit your needs but you'd like a tablet let me introduce the Pandigital Nova. It may not be amazing but it does have an 800 Mhz processor, an 7" 800x600 resolution display (should look decent) and it even comes with Android 2.3 Gingerbread for the low price of just $169.

Pandigital 7-inch Planet Tablet Sees FCC

Behold another eReader with access to Barnes and Noble Bookstore's online store full of ebooks. This isn't the first eBook reader that Pandigital has put out in their manufacturing history, and it's certainly not the last, but it IS certainly the most recent, and Android IS present upon it. Earlier today we reported that NOOKcolor's app downloads hit 1 million after only a week online - but that's apps. Will this Pangitital device have access to the same NOOK Apps store? Given that it comes with "a host" of apps pre-installed, it might be possible.

Pandigital’s 9-inch Novel ereader tablet goes on sale

Pandigital's new, black Novel ereader tablet has gone up for sale at QVC, though it's more expensive than originally expected. The company first said the Novel - which has a 9-inch color LCD touchscreen - would be $199.99, but the retailer is listing it for $213.80. That gets you WiFi b/g, 2GB of onboard storage and a 4GB microSD card, as well as a leatherette case. No sign of which Android OS version the tablet is running, however, nor what CPU is inside. [via The Digital Reader]

Pandigital unveils new Android eReader

Pandigital didn't do so well with its first eReader offering having some serious issues. The company is set to come back with a new eReader that will launch next month for $199.99. The eReader will run Android and has some features that sound good on paper.