Panasonic ELUGA headed to Japan March 29th, Europe soon after

Panasonic's most exciting mobile product in years is the ELUGA (and its big brother the ELUGA Power) spotted at Mobile World Congress, by the sheer novelty that it'll actually be available outside of Panasonic's home country of Japan. It'll stop off there first, though: NTT DoCoMo has announced that it'll make the phone available on March 29th as the NEXT series P-04D. (See, it's not just US carriers that give phones new names for no reason.) After that, it'll head for Europe in April, where the ELUGA Power is already stocked for pre-order. If you're a European who's miffed at the prospect of getting the phone later, take comfort in the fact that your phone won't be colored purple like NTT DoCoMo's.

Panasonic’s ELUGA Power gets a UK pre-order from Clove

If you're as interested in Panasonic's return to the global smartphone game as we are, then no doubt you're aware of the ELUGA Power, a beefed-up version of their primary ELUGA Android phone with a bigger screen and battery. The device just went up for pre-order at United Kingdom-based electronics retailer Clove, and at present it's set to ship sometime in April. The phone is going for £399 unlocked (about $636 USD) and £478.80 after value-added taxes.

Panasonic ELUGA Power hands-on

Panasonic has been largely silent on the smartphone front for the last few years, at least outside of Japan. That changes at Mobile World Congress, where they're showing off the Eluga smartphone - not to mention its bigger brother, the ELUGA Power. This model differs from its smaller version with a full 5-inch screen, putting it squarely in "phablet" territory. If Panasonic wants to make a splash with the new hardware, that's certainly a way to get people's attention.

Panasonic shows off Eluga smartphone for Europe

Ready for a new entry in the manufacturer wars, Europe? Electronics giant Panasonic just announced that they'd be bringing their Eluga smartphone to the Eurozone sometime in 2012, making it the company's first high-end Android phone to debut outside of Japan. They're playing it close to the chest when it comes to specifications, but we do know the phone will be semi-ruggedized, and features a qHD display and NFC capability. Like some of Samsung's late tablets, it'll work as a remote control for Panasonic's TV line.

Panasonic outs new Android smartphone with 4.3-inch OLED headed to Europe

Panasonic has shown off a very cool looking new smartphone that will be headed to Europe next year. We heard that Panasonic was going to move outside Japan with its smartphones last month. The new smartphone will hit in March of 2012 specifically and it looks very nice with rounded edges. One of the key features of the new smartphone is that it has a 4.3-inch qHD OLED display. That screen has a resolution of 960 x 540.

Panasonic looking to move outside Japan with smartphones

Fans of smartphones in Japan have been able to get devices with the Panasonic logo on them for a while now and the company has sold mobiles in the country for many years. Panasonic has only offered its mobile phone wares inside Japan since 2005. It looks like Panasonic is now set to push those smartphones out to other countries including Europe. I would expect that if Panasonic hits Europe it would come to the US as well.

Panasonic unveils BizPad Android tablets for businesses

Panasonic has announced a pair of new tablets that are aimed at the business user. The tablets are for the Japanese market and the two models differ in screen size. The BizPad JT-580VT has a 7-inch screen and the BizPad JT-581VT packs a 10.1-inch screen. The tablets both run on the Android 3.2 platform. The tablets are also similar in that they are ruggedized for longevity with rough users.

Android Community at IFA 2011: What to Expect

This week in Berlin, Android Community will be covering IFA 2011, one of the oldest industrial exhibitions in Germany and host to a slew of important events hosted by Samsung, HTC, and many others. First and foremost I should mention that we'll be liveblogging the Samsung Unpacked event on Thursday, September 1st at 11AM CET - that's 4AM Central Standard Time, so more than likely past your bedtime. The rest of the time we'll be having an awesome time speaking with a whole mess of other manufacturers and developers across the board.

Panasonic UT-PB1 tablet/ereader gets video demo

Panasonic has outed a new Android-based ereader, using a 7-inch 1024 x 600 LCD display rather than an e-paper panel like the Kindle or NOOK. The Panasonic UT-PB1 slate, which made its debut at the e-Book Expo Tokyo DigInfo reports, runs an unspecified dual-core processor and, rather than taking on the iPad, is expected to target new ebook buyers in their 30s and 40s. Like most Android tablets we're seeing, there's an integrated webcam, WiFi and a microSDHC memory card slot, and there are the usual apps for browsing, email and other functionality. Panasonic has tweaked the UI with a pinch-gesture bookshelf layout, showing which titles are unread and which are partly-read. Meanwhile there's also a push-messaging system using the UT-PB1's WiFi connection and a specially-developed API, that can display new Rakuten information as it's released. Panasonic expects the UT-PB1 to be primarily a Japanese-market device, where it will come preloaded with 600 ebook titles. No word on pricing or availability. [youtube OZ_9NFfMTwM] [via Engadget]
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