The T-Mobile G2 overclocked, hits 1.42 GHz

The processor onboard the T-Mobile G2 is the well known 800 MHz Snapdragon which although it's impressive - it's not good enough for many. But, after some extensive work from the folks at xda-developers the device is now clocking in a a blazing fast 1.42GHz.

Overclocking Droid X – For Real!

So you'd like to overclock that lovely little machine, oh but Droid X, isn' that supposed to be impossible to work with in such a way? I say thee nay! The fine folks over at Android Forums have it all whipped up nice and simple for you to get the most from your little piece of multitasker, and they've done it in a way that's not as terrifyingly unapproachable as you might think.
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