Nexus S overclocked to 1.2GHz with new Bionix NS1 kernel

The Nexus S' single-core Hummingbird processor was one of the main disappointments about the second official Googlephone, so we won't argue with a replacement kernel that can squeeze extra juice out of the Samsung chip. A new xda-developers kernel promises to overclock the Nexus S to 1.2GHz. The tweaked firmware is still a work in progress, with Bluetooth left to fix, and it builds on the existing Bionix NS1 mod. Obviously overclocking your phone leaves it potentially more vulnerable to hardware damage, so try at your own risk, but it'll be interesting to see how these tweaked Nexus S units compare to dual-core devices like the Tegra 2 based LG Optimus 2X.

Samsung Vibrant Overclocked, Hits 1.6 GHz

Overclocking has become really popular over the last few weeks. With a little risk and knowledge you can take your already impressive device and make it even more amazing. Now, adding to the many devices that have been overclocked, the Samsung Vibrant has hit 1.6 GHz.
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