Virgin Mobile data and text services down in the US

Here we go again. Reports from Virgin Mobile customers all over the United States indicate that both data and SMS (text) services are non-responsive. Virgin is aware of the problem, and while they're working on it, they don't have any solutions or timeframes just yet. It looks like every Virgin Mobile phone in the country is affected, which might mean it's either a small problem that caused the whole system to crash or a big, hulking disaster that will take quite a while to fix.

Verizon’s 4G LTE network has yet another outage

Play it again, Sam: Verizon customers in locations across the United States are unable to connect to the LTE data network this morning. The outage may or may not be nationwide, but customers in Houston, Dallas, Memphis, various California locations and New York City are all reporting issues. Verizon customer service has confirmed connection problems, and assures applicants that it's working on them. 3G data and voice seem to be unaffected so far.

Verizon had three mass network outages this December, and here’s why

It's no surprise Verizon has the fastest and most developed 4G LTE network in the US, but consistently terming them most reliable would be an overstatement for the month of December. And frankly, three mass network outages can cause some serious communication issues for both work and leisure. Heck, many families are now doing away with a central home phone, and just subscribing the entire family to a plan of cellphones.