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Samsung announces the rest of its Galaxy S III “Premium Suite” update

At the end of last week, Samsung released a video for the Galaxy S III Premium Suite upgrade that broke down some of the new features we should expect to see on the device such as multi-window. Now, Samsung has pushed part two of the video which lets us see the rest of the features that we will be enjoying on the S III. There is definitely some good stuff, and it gives users even more reason to constantly check that update screen on their devices.

Multi-view likely coming to Galaxy S III before the end of the year

It looks like Samsung is going to launch another update for the Galaxy S III sometime during December. Only recently, Samsung rolled out version 4.1.1 for the device, and they are already prepping version 4.1.2, according to SamMobile. This new version will add a feature that's already included on the Galaxy Note II called multi-view.

Unlocked Galaxy S III receives Jelly Bean update in the UK

A new OTA update for unlocked Galaxy S III devices in the UK is rolling out this morning. UK carriers have been gradually rolling out Jelly Bean updates to devices, but until this morning, unlocked phones remained out in the cold. Thankfully, the wait for unlocked phones is over, and you should have already received an OTA update. If not, you should see the update any minute.

Amazon calls Kindle Fire HD a “best-seller” and announces a new OTA update to celebrate

Amazon has recently described the Kindle Fire HD as the "#1 best-selling product across all of Amazon worldwide." That's some pretty serious sales if accurate. Of course, since Amazon almost never releases actual sales figures when they talk about products a little skepticism is needed. Maybe it is the best-selling thing on Amazon ever, or maybe they mean it's the best-seller this week. Without numbers it's hard to be sure.

Ice Cream Sandwich heads to LG Lucid tomorrow, DROID Bionic soon

Verizon has finally dropped some information about the Ice Cream Sandwich updates for both the Motorola DROID Bionic and the LG Lucid. Of course, we heard earlier in the month that the ICS update for the Bionic was in testing, but today we know we're getting close to release. Verizon hasn't announced an actual release date for this Ice Cream Sandwich update yet, but with the support documents now up on the carrier's website, it can't be too much longer before Ice Cream Sandwich is in the hands on eager Bionic users.

Motorola DROID X gets a massive bug fix update

It's been many moons since the original Motorola DROID X (released way back in the summer of 2010) got some of the old OTA love. Today Verizon announced a long overdue software update that fixes a host of bugs in the latest official Gingerbread build. DX users can get the update now via the manual method, or just wait for the update message to appear on your phone. And if you're still running stock, you'll definitely want the update.
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