Baidu Cloud OS to fight Android in China

In September 2011, we talked a bit about the Chinese search engine Baidu and Dell working on an Android-based operating system for smartphones. Baidu is set to make a move with its very own operating system with the goal of rivaling Android in the Chinese market. The operating system will be called Baidu Cloud.

RIM previews Blackberry 10, we want your thoughts

The world of RIM and Blackberry is all shook up at the moment with their announcement of Blackberry 10 and their developer alpha device. We don't really talk much about Blackberry around these parts but you can get all the details from our sister site SlashGear, as they had plenty of coverage. After seeing the Blackberry 10 sneak peak video shown below, I was pretty curious and wanted to see what our readers thought. Check it out after the break.

Alibaba outs new mobile OS called Aliyun that can run Android apps

A Chinese ecommerce firm called Alibaba has announced a new mobile OS that it is launching. The new OS is called Aliyun. This would be sort of along the lines of Amazon launching its own OS here in the US. The new Aliyun OS will launch at the end of this month and show up on a smartphone called the K-touch W700 phone.

How To Force Your Android Device to Check for System Update

We all love Android updates, covering them daily, they're a big part of the operating system as it's on its way to become more stable. However, as many of you know, "No update available" is a common problem. Well now we will show you how to force your Android phone to check if there is an update.

GMail Creator Predicts Android Will Eventually Kill Chrome OS

We know that Android, at least in its current form, isn't the best bet for Netbook or Notebook PCs. Google knows this as well, which is why they started development on Google Chrome OS, a web-based browser operating system. However, former Google employee and GMail creator, Paul Buchheit, has predicted that Android will eventually kill or merge with Android.

Android users are more likely to click in-app advertisements according to Nielsen.

Love them or hate them, in-app advertisements are a great way for developers to fund their work and allowing their applications to be listed as free or at a low price. Many companies have tried to make them more immersive in hopes of getting more clicks. Apple did this with it’s newly released iAd platform, and results have been less than promising so far with low cost App Store ads proven to not be cost effective. However, according to a new report, released by the Nielsen Company, Android users are topping the charts of clicks, with one third of them having clicked an in-app ad.

Android 2.x user base jumps to over 70% this month

Every two weeks, Google posts a snapshot of the current Android OS fragmentation. With just posting their results we can now see that Android 2.1+ is holding 70% of the market. Even more interesting is that Android 2.2 Froyo has jumped from just 3.3% just a month ago to a now staggering 28.7%. This swift leap forward is mainly due to the amount of handsets that have been updated to 2.2 in the last month including the Motorola Droid, HTC Droid Incredible, and the HTC EVO 4G. Verizon and sprit have been pushing out the 2.2 handsets for their newer devices while, as we all know, Motorola is not doing such a great job of keeping up. [caption id="attachment_13085" align="aligncenter" width="460" caption="Current Android OS Fragmentation - August 2010"][/caption]
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