“World’s Thinnest” Oppo Finder set for pre-order in China

Another month, another world's thinnest smartphone. The latest contender for the somewhat wobbly throne is the 6.65mm Oppo Finder, last seen in a preview image about a month ago. The phone is currently set for preorder on June 6th, but unfortunately it's only in China, where Oppo operates. Getting a Finder into the hands of the fashion-conscious outside of Asia will require a crafty importer.

Oppo shows off crazy thin 6.65mm smartphone

You can never be too rich or too thin, and it seems like Android manufacturers have taken the latter part of that saying to heart. Chinese phone maker Oppo released a teaser image of a 6.65mm-thin phone today, and if it comes to market any time soon the unnamed device will grab the title of world's thinnest phone (for at least a month or two anyway). There's no details part the picture, but the visuals can't help but remind us of a certain flagship from everyone's favorite litigious American manufacturer.

OPPO announces Find 3 superphone for China

While traditionally not a hotspot for the latest and greatest in mobile gear (despite the fact that most of the world's electronics are made there) options for Chinese smartphone buyers are improving as of late. Chinese manufacturer OPPO is continuing that trend with its brand new flagship, the Find 3. The 4-inch dual-core Android phone should be on sale sometime in the next few months. China's CNMO broke with the first photos of the device.
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