Oppo N1 smartphone teased with backside touch controls

The LG G2 isn't the only device coming out later this year that will feature an unorthodox design for the button layout. Backside touch controls is a new approach with fingerprint scanners, sensors, volume control, and other possibilities. The popular manufacturer Oppo has been throwing around hints about their upcoming N1 camera phone, and we've just received a few more this week.

OPPO R819 arriving with stock Android and a 4.7-inch 720p display

OPPO has announced their latest smartphone, the R819. This handset is being billed as "one of the thinnest and lightest smartphones in the world." With that in mind, the OPPO R819 measures in at 7.3mm thick and weighs in at 110 grams. Perhaps more interesting here, OPPO will be releasing the R819 with a few options in terms of the software.

OPPO N-lens camera phone renderings surface

Details are still scarce regarding OPPO's rumored new line of devices and already a pair of images have appeared that gives fuel to the rumors. Although the images are just renderings, they could provide some insight as to the direction that OPPO might be taking its next camera-centric device.

OPPO Find 7 specs detailed in pre-order listing

OPPO has confirmed they are working on the Find 7 smartphone, however they have yet to confirm any of the specs. There were some specs that leaked last month and it is looking like we are getting another look today. These latest come by way of the OppoMart.com website where they have recently begun accepting pre-orders for the handset.

OPPO denies Find 5 Mini rumors, confirms the Find 7

We have previously seen chatter about an OPPO Find 7, however as of today it looks like there is now confirmation. Sadly this confirmation didn't arrive with anything in terms of specs, but on the positive side, it did arrive by way of a statement from OPPO. Basically, the company confirmed they are working on the Find 7, which will serve as a follow up to the currently available Find 5.

OPPO Find 5 Google Edition smartphone teased

Google Edition phones seem to be a popular topic lately. We saw Google announced the Samsung GALAXY S 4 Google Edition during I/O. That of course was followed by an announcement of the Google Edition HTC One. These devices feature the same hardware specs, but they will be running a vanilla Android installation and therefor be eligible for quicker updates. More recently though, it looks like the folks at OPPO have begun teasing a Google Edition handset of their own.

Oppo Find 7 with Snapdragon 800 and 4,000 mAh battery in the works

The popular and still growing Chinese manufacturer Oppo has a pretty decent phone on their hands with the Oppo Find 5, but we're now hearing a Find 7 is coming soon to trump the newly released handset. Interestingly it will still sport a 5-inch 1080p HD display, and not be called the 6. Instead going right to being called the Find 7, and it has some stellar specs to go along with that name.

Oppo Find 5 Mini shows its little 3.7″ 720p face

There was a time, not too long ago, when people marveled at a 720P display on a big screen TV. When those puppies started to sell, they sold like hot cakes. I myself had a 55" 720P Plasma Panasonic TV for a short while, and used to love sitting back and watching movies on it. But so much has changed in the past few years, that finding ourselves looking at the new leaked image of the Oppo Find 5 Mini smartphone makes us feel like geriatrics who keep hitting the snooze button.
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