OPPO outs Mirror 5 with diamond-like mirrored surface

OPPO has finally and officially announced the Mirror 5. We've been anticipating for this one since it was sighted last month. We featured a crystal-backed Mirror 5s earlier this month but we're assuming this Mirror 5 is a different unit. This OPPO Mirror 5 is expected to be available in the market very soon specifically in Mexico, South Asia, Middle East, North Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Oppo officially announces new crystal-backed Mirror 5s

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo continues to try and make its mark outside of its native country by launching more new products, and unveiling it elsewhere as well. They have officially announced their newest device, the Mirror 5s, a 4G LTE smartphone whose looks can rival those of its higher end competitors. The specs itself cannot match them probably, but if you're in the market for a dual-sim, mid-range device, then you might consider this one, if you've had it with the other more popular brands.

Shangai commission files case against Samsung, Oppo

Have you ever bought a new smartphone, excitedly unboxed it, then immediately got annoyed when you saw that the manufacturer pre-installed so many apps that you won't use anyway? And some of them can't even be uninstalled? Well, finally, a court has accepted that such an occurrence deserves legal action against the OEMs. That is, if you live in Shanghai, China. A commission has filed a case against Samsung and Oppo for pre-installing apps without informing consumers of their existence on their new devices.

Oppo announces new midrange units: Neo 5 (2015) and Neo 5s

Chinese electronics brand Oppo continues to try to take a share of the lucrative Chinese smartphone market, playing catch up to Xiaomi and Huawei. They've announced two new mid-range devices that are pretty decent if you're looking for a not so expensive but decent unit. The Oppo Neo 5 (2015), not to be confused with the previously launched Neo 5, and the Neo 5s. Both have almost the same specs, with a touch of the more expensive R1x.

Infographic: How much of your smartphone is screen

We love infographics. It seems that as the years progress, people have become better and better at doing this – that is, communicate a complicated issue with visuals so much better than just mere words would. Today we have a particularly telling one from the guys over at Mobilsiden.dk, one that shows you just how much of your phone is screen real estate in relation to bezels and other non-screen elements.

OPPO Neo 5s silently launched, now readily available

Aside from the ColorOS update about to be released, OPPO is also working on new models. There was no official announcement from the company but a new unit suddenly popped up on OPPO's official website. The OPPO Neo 5s is obviously a follow up to the OPPO Neo 5 which was released last year. From Neo 5, OPPO used the 5s instead of just going for the Neo 6 title.

OPPO offers preview to ColorOS 2.1.0i, based on Android 5.0

OPPO users are relatively happy with the hardware they get on the Chinese company’s phones. The OPPO Find 7 and Find 7a are decidedly popular because they feature robust specs at a relatively low price point. It is usually the software that drives the users nuts, with OPPO seemingly very slow to update its proprietary ColorOS up to Android Lollipop standards. Well, they may have taken their sweet time about it, but it seems that day is drawing near as OPPO unveils ColorOS 2.1.0i.
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