Skyfire acquired by Opera

While there are plenty of alternative browsers available for Android users to pick from, it looks as if two of those have recently gotten together. Coming by way of an Opera issued press release, they have announced the acquisition of Skyfire. Based on details provided, Opera will be looking towards Skyfire's video optimization and smartphone monetization products.

Opera hits 300m users: Will show off newest web browser at MWC

Opera has just reached its 300 million user mark today and in celebration of reaching that milestone, they're also transitioning to the WebKit engine for both their Android and iOS apps. They will also be adopting Chromium for all of its upcoming browsers for smartphones and computers alike. By adopting both WebKit and Chromium, they hope to grab a "bigger piece of the pie in the smartphone market".

Opera Ice promises to put mobile Chrome browser on notice

Opera Software has revealed its next generation browser, and you know we wouldn't be talking about it here on Android Community if it didn't have something to do with mobile devices. Introduced today over on Pocket-Lint, Opera Ice is a new mobile browser targeted at iOS and Android. Opera has seen the need for change in the mobile browser space, and plans to use Ice as a means of implementing that change.

Opera Mobile 12.1 for Android brings safer surfing

Opera has been in lab working, and they have just launched Opera Mobile 12.1 for Android. Opera claims this new browser is safer and slimmer, while still being packed with features. Opera Mobile 12.1 is built for four different chipsets, and users only download the version suitable for their device. This helps keep the files small and bloat-free. The new version has Opera Turbo compression technology. This is designed to compress things and keep data usage down. This should come in handy for users who are roaming internationally and want to keep their bill as small as possible. A simple click in the options turns on compression and saves valuable data. Opera has put a major emphasis on safety with its latest update. They have added a new form of fraud detection that automatically alerts users to webpages that are suspicious. You can still visit a site the fraud detection alerts you of, you just might want to think twice about it. Opera has included some other features in this update such as more web standards, SPDY, WebSockets, new CSS features, and better HTML 5 support. As always, Opera is available free from Google Play. If you try it out, hit the comments below and let us know how you liked it!

Opera Mobile beta gets mobile extension support

Mobile browsers are a dime a dozen on Android - not even that, since most are actually free. But outside Dolphin Browser HD and Mozilla's Firefox Mobile, not many allow you to expand the browser's capabilities with extensions like desktop browsers can. Browser old-timer Opera has just published an experimental release of Opera Mobile (not to be confused with Opera Mini) with support for browser extensions, as well as publishing APIs and guidelines for would-be developers. You can download the experimental build at Opera's developer blog.

Opera Mini Spreads to Verizon Feature Phones, Androids Scorn

Today Verizon has announced that a set of feature phone including LG enV2™, LG enV®3,  LG enV® TOUCH, Samsung Alias™ 2, Casio® G’zOne Ravine™ and Casio® G’zOne Rock™ will have Opera Mini available for web browsing starting immediately. This is an odd move for Verizon as feature phones aren't exactly at the hight of popularity right this very moment, but perhaps a push to slightly nicer apps like Opera Mini on these inexpensive handsets will encourage upgrades to the vastly engaging world of Android.

Opera Mobile & Mini Browsers get updated for Android, Reviewed on Xoom

The makers of the popular Opera browser have been busy making their browser quick, stable, and silky smooth. Lately they have included some huge changes that are sure to make things interesting in the Android browser wars. Today Opera has updated both versions and are available in the Android Market. Huge improvements such as hardware acceleration make Opera Mobile extremely smooth. We have some hands-on with the Motorola Xoom below.
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