Opera Max can now compress YouTube, Netflix videos

If you watch all your shows and movies on your mobile device, chances are your monthly data allowance goes mostly to video streaming. While Opera Max had promised to be the data-saving proxy that you need, it couldn’t compress those https videos, and so it could only help up to a point. That is, until now. The latest update to the browser now includes the ability to compress online videos, but with the assurance that there is no significant loss in quality.

Opera Max update: design changes, more control over app management

Even the most practical of apps need a design makeover every once in a while. Data management and data saving app Opera Max has undergone one, and the latest update to the app brings improvements not just in the app management functionalities, but also the aesthetic and functional design as well. And all these changes come from user feedback or most requested features from users. It’s always a good thing when developers show their users that they actually listen to their suggestions and requests.

Opera Mini for Android adds Facebook notifications

The Opera Mini web browser for Android was recently updated so you can control more of your social notifications. This improvement remembers one's login and details and displays important notifications about activities in your favorite social network--Facebook. You can always customize settings of things you want to be notified of like recent status update, photo, video, comments, likes, or shared links.

New Opera Max gets WiFi data-savings feature

Data-savings app Opera Max has just been updated. This app has been helping a lot of Android users conserve their precious data by managing and monitoring data usage. This app can help extend data plan savings, block data hogging apps, and offer real-time, daily, or monthly usage statistics. This new version now tracks data usage on WiFi networks. This makes sense since about 80% of usage on a device is on WiFi and Opera Max users have been requesting for such feature.

Opera for Android now going turbo, text-wrapping and tab-syncing

There are a certain number of users that would much rather use browsers other than the big 3 (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) on their mobile devices for various reasons. One of the "lesser known" but also popular ones is Opera for Android. The latest update to the app is bringing you several improvements, including Opera Turbo, the ability to sync tabs across all the Opera browsers you're using, and text-wrapping those pesky websites that are still not optimized for mobile (seriously, what are you waiting for, websites?).

Opera browser update: sync mobile and desktop

While most people use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (and hey, some are still loyal to Internet Explorer!) as their default browser for both mobile and desktop, there are also some out there that have a small but loyal following. Opera is one of those secondary apps which started out as a mobile alternative to the main browser powerhouses, but now has 300 million mobile users and 55 million desktop users. The latest update now gives you the ability to sync between devices.

Opera Max now lets carriers offer limited free app access

Opera has been trying to return to its glory days not by pushing its web browser to mobile but by offering value added services that aim to curb mobile data expenses. It's Opera Max app, which has just recently expanded to 21 countries in Asia, tries to compress data that is sent to smartphones. Now the app has gotten a new feature in the form of "App Pass", which is just a fancy marketing term for sponsored access to some apps.

Opera Max stretches to 21 countries in Asia

If you've been looking for a way to browse to your heart's content on your mobile device and yet not incur the wrath of your carrier, or your wallet, then now might be your day. That is, if you're living in one of the 21 Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern countries that Opera is bringing its Opera Max service to, offering not just speed but also data savings that Opera is known for.

Opera for Android gets bookmark sharing

One of the best features for anyone who uses multiple computers is the ability to share your bookmarks on several devices. This is one of the best features of desktop browsers like Chrome and others. Android users have the ability to share bookmarks with a new version of Opera for Android.
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