Chevy’s RemoteLink updated with Proactive Alerts, Theft Alarm Notification

The RemoteLink app by Chevrolet has been a useful car app companion to drivers. It has received a lot of updates since it was launched and another round of updates has just been released by Chevrolet including Theft Alarm Notification. This new feature allows the system to send the owner notification if the vehicle is broken into or if there was any attempt to open or steal the car.

GM expands OnStar App compatibility to more vehicles

I really like the idea of an app on my smartphone that can unlock my car for me and do other things. GM has a cool OnStar app for people that have a compatible vehicle with the OnStar service inside that has been around for a while now. The app lets users do all kinds of cool stuff from checking fuel level and tire pressure to starting the car and locking their doors or unlocking them.

Android users get myChevrolet and OnStar MyLink apps

Chevrolet has announced that users of Android smartphone can now get free apps that will link them to their vehicles. The app has some cool features that many drivers will be able to take advantage of. The main features of the app fall into three categories including location-based services, vehicle-specific information, and OnStar connectivity.