Bungie app links you to your Destiny wherever you are

Game console makers and game developers are starting to look to our smartphone and tablets as second screens and as an alternative form of engagement. In that sense, Bungie looks no different from any other, but the amount of features that it has packed into its Destiny companion app definitely shows how much thought the game maker has put into making the game a truly immersive and encompassing experience.

White Samsung Galaxy Nexus now shipping from online retailers

We've known a white Galaxy Nexus was coming for some time now, and saw countless leaks of the snow white edition but it can finally be all yours starting today. Earlier this week the white edition was officially announced and set to be available February 13th but a few online retailers have started shipping early.

Galaxy Nexus available in the US, shipping unlocked now from Expansys

Forget pre-orders and waiting for Verizon to get their ducks in order, you can get the Samsung Galaxy Nexus (GSM) unlocked right now from a US online retailer. Yup, no shipping overseas or any of that fancy stuff. If you have the penny change ($750) you can pick up this Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich flagship device right now from Expansys in the US. Who's getting their credit card out?

Online retailer Handtec stops Galaxy Nexus shipments and confirms volume bug

Following the latest Galaxy Nexus news we still have nothing new from Verizon but we did get an update from the popular online retailer Handtec. In a statement on their official blog the British retailer has announced they've stopped all shipments of the Galaxy Nexus and have confirmed there is some sort of volume bug. We reported on this earlier this week and it appears they are finally doing something about it.

HTC Thunderbolt Accessories Appear Online

Offwire has never been shy about adding new accessories to their lineup before a device's official announcement. Continuing their trend they have sent out an email to customers stating that their HTC Thunderbolt accessories are now available for pre-order.

ComiXology App Now for Android

Behold! The most fabulous of comic book readers and downloaders and presenters has finally been transformed into a version that works with Android. It's been rocking on iOS and the web for a while now, but finally, oh finally, its over 2,500 comics can now be purchased on Android. PLUS there's another 300+ that can be had for free. This isn't your everyday n00b comic reader though, note that. There's no Marvel here. DC is the biggest of names, followed by Image Comics, Archie, and Dynamite Entertainment.

Verizon R2-D2 Droid available now on

If you have been waiting for the official release of the R2-D2 Droid 2, the wait is now over with Verizon’s site going live and the phone now available. As expected it’s displaying it’s $249 after $100 (this time online discount) with a full retail price of $699.