PandaBoard ES updates with new OMAP 4460 processor

There aren't many in PandaBoard's target market, but those that are find the gadget extremely useful. PandaBoard is a development system, basically the bare minimum parts required to run an ARM-based operating system like Android, while accepting inputs, displaying output and making network connections. The manufacturer has upgraded its developer-friendly device with a Texas Instruments OMAP 4460 processor in its new PandaBoard ES model.

Texas Instruments OMAP 5 SoC mobile processor gets shown off on camera [Video]

While we are still waiting to see what Texas Instrument might have in store for ICS devices, they are already starting to tease us about the next generation in mobile processors. Their new OMAP 5 chipset is shown off in a few video demos today and we have them all below for your viewing pleasure. Basically the OMAP 5 are some dual-core powerhouse chips rocking speeds upwards of 2.0 Ghz and some serious graphical prowess.

Archos 80 G9 Hands-on and Unboxing [Video]

We've got products coming out of our ears this week here at Android Community, the newest of which is the Archos 80 G9, a lovely new Honeycomb tablet sitting itself up to compete with the now-saturated tablet market here in the USA. This tablet has a unique shape and size, feels just divine to hold with one or two hands, and does indeed have a built-in kickstand to allow you to do your everyday work and play with complete ease. Will this tablet drown in the sea, or will it have a fighting chance at taking a sizable bite out of the fledgeling Android tablet market?

Google Plans To Use Texas Instrument OMAP4 CPU in Ice Cream Sandwich

We have heard nothing but rumors regarding the next Nexus device and some have been calling it the Nexus Prime. We are still short on news regarding Ice Cream Sandwich too but we have all been wondering for a while what phone would launch with the lovely new operating system. While we still don't know the details some new information is suggesting it will be running on a TI OMAP 4 CPU when it finally launches.