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Japanese Build Human-Sized Android with Android Brain

Raaah! This is just fantastic, and it's exactly what the next step should be after the cooler came out a few days ago. Apparently there are these two Japanese companies who have teamed up to create not only a several-foot-tall Android (in the shape of the Google Android, of course,) but they've got it controlled by an Android OS. This robot goes by the name RIC Android and it's hardware is built by RT Corporation while its software is developed by Brilliant Service.

HTC Battery in Android Phone Blocks Bullet!

After two men were kicked out of a nightclub in Atlanta opened fire upon it, a bullet nearly killed a valet. What saved him? His smartphone! Even though the shots from these two crazies were aimed at the club (wtf?), one managed to nearly kill valet Robert Altertini, but instead went into his jacket, shattered the glass in the phone was carrying, and stopped at the battery - tough! The phone appeared to be a candybar-style Android phone carrying one of those bright red HTC batteries inside.

Android Cooler for Google Flavored Drink Containment

So there's this guy named DaCavy75, and he has a notion. His amazing notion idea is to use his sweet industrial design skills (and craftsman skills, not to mention it, ) to create his very own gigantic Android. It's the size of a big kid! And not only that, it's a cooler. You can fill this up with beers. You can fill this up with caffeinated beverages for late-night programming. You can fill this up with cats!

[How Do I] Turn My Android Phone into a SNES for My Television?

The question today, and stop me if you've heard of this before, is "how do I turn my Android device into an SNES?" - or basically any other video game system that has an emulator in the Android Market, for that matter? Well it's simple, dude, check it out. First take a look back to May to see the first step - grabbing an app by the name of "WiiMote Controler." After that, depends on the device you want to use. If you've got yourself a Droid X, you're in the most amount of luck, because you'll be able to blow your game screen up as big as you like - supposing of course you've got a television the size you'd like.

Chinese New Year Android Mini Toy Added to Official Collectible Ranks

Hooray for more toys! It's always fun when a brand becomes big enough to spill over into other media, especially when it starts as something as complex as electronics and moves over to something as simple as collectable toys. This little cutie adds to the ranks of mini collectables put out by DYZPlastic and officially endorsed by Google. This newest addition to the crew is an undeniably super kawaii ultra cute Chinese New Year Android man by the name of Cai Shen, the god of wealth.

Official eBay App

eBay has long been the place to go when you want to buy, trade or find various odd things. There has been a few unofficial eBay apps on Android for awhile, now eBay themselves has released an official app to Android.
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