Dell Streak Gets 2.1 Update For O2

So the Streak is way behind on 1.6 and Dell has been saying that they will update it to 2.1. O2 has released the update now and we would not doubt that anyone would want to wait very long to install it. There are some instructions to doing the update and you will loose some of your data.

O2 Dell Streak getting Android 2.1 from September 1st

UK carrier O2 has confirmed that the Dell Streak Android 2.1 update will begin rolling out from September 1st, meaning owners of the tablet could be playing (officially) with Eclair as soon as Wednesday this week.  The release is a stop-gap to tide the Streak over until Android 2.2 Froyo is released later in 2010. There's no word from AT&T or Dell in the US as to when they'll be releasing the Android update for US buyers of the Streak, who will still be stuck with Android 1.6, though various leaked builds of Android 2.1 are already in the wild if you're unwilling to wait. [via Really Mobile Project]

Dell Streak Gets Android 2.1 Early Preview [Video]

When the Dell Streak was announced, there was plenty of speculation about what Android version it would come with, once it finally made its way to the market. All of that got figured out, and there was talk about upgrades right off the bat. Engadget managed to get their hands on some exclusive time with the latest update to the Dell Streak, Android 2.1, which is set to be released for O2 branded Streaks next month, and thankfully it's bringing more to the table than just some Live Wallpapers and a new unlock screen.

Dell Streak on sale at O2 now

It's not only the EVO 4G hitting shelves today; O2's Dell Streak, the 5-inch Android MID, is also up for sale.  Priced from free if you're willing to sign a new contract (either for voice & data, or just for data) or £349 for the 16GB model contract-free, the Streak runs a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, has dualband 3G/UMTS and a 5-megapixel autofocus camera. There's also a front-facing camera for video calls, a microSD card slot for augmenting the onboard storage, and a copy of Android 1.6 complete with some of Dell's own customizations.  The company has promised an Android 2.2 Froyo update later in 2010.  Full pricing can be found here and our hands-on report here. O2 Dell Streak hands-on: [vms 6d4357324dd7e69f3cd1] [via SlashGear]

O2 announce Dell Streak contracts & prices

Carrier O2 UK has announced its pricing for the Dell Streak, which will go on sale tomorrow, Friday 4th June.  The Android MID will be priced from free, depending on tariff, and be available both with regular voice/data plans and, for those not interested in using it as a cellphone, with data-only plans. Both 16GB and 32GB versions of the Streak will be on offer.  The shortest contract is O2's 30-day "Simplicity" tariff, though you'll be paying £349 for the 16GB and £399 for the 32GB Streak for the privilege of such freedom.  Regular agreements are either 18- or 24-months, and you'll need to pay at least £35 on one of them to get the Streak "free".  Full details in the gallery below. [gallery] [via SlashGear]

O2 Dell Streak free on contract; £429 SIM-free

While we knew the Dell Streak was due to arrive in the UK on June 4th, until now we've not known exactly how much the Android MID will be.  Happily UK retailer The Carphone Warehouse has stepped up with some figures, confirming that the Streak will be available on carrier O2 from free with a new contract. That's assuming you're willing to commit for £25 per month (or £35 per month with unlimited data).  If you're more interested in buying SIM-free, the Streak will be £429 - the price of an entry-level iPad WiFi + 3G, incidentally.  It's worth noting that, while the iPad 3G has 3G access for the US and Europe, the Streak will only have European 3G. [via SlashGear] [vms 6d4357324dd7e69f3cd1]

AT&T picking up HTC Desire, Sprint grabbing HTC Hero2

BGR just received word from an unnamed source at HTC that states the Desire will be headed to AT&T while the Legend will land on Sprint. They also told them that Google will be looking to sell an AT&T 3G-compatible Nexus One directly through their web store, but the unit for AT&T network will be the Sense UI Desire. But unlike the current Nexus being only available via Google's phone site, there will also be an option for AT&T customers to pick this puppy up in stores.

O2 Germany listing the Motorola MILESTONE for €550

So, many of you reading this post are already enjoying the Verizon DROID by Motorola, good for you! But people in Germany are getting ready to get some DROID love too, in the form of the Motorola MILESTONE of course. Lets not act surprised, after all, we already knew that O2 Germany was getting ready to launch the new Motorola Android smartphone. Soon, the GSM version of the DROID, the Motorola MILESTONE will be arriving to Germany, and O2’s site in that country is already telling the world about it. The MILESTONE is now being listed on said site for the price of €549.99 ($816). Now, from what we can tell from O2's Germany site, the MILESTONE is available to order now. But, when will it ship? Well, we’re not sure, but if we belive the rumors, it should be really soon. One interest bit of info on O2's site is that the MILESTONE comes with an 8GB microSD card, and, as we all know, the Motorola DROID on Verizon comes with a 16GB card. Why the MILESTONE has half of the GB as the Verizon DROID? We don't know, however in the MILESTONE’s case, Western Europe mapping data for use with Motorola’s own MOTONAV turn-by-turn directions comes preloaded on that 8GB microSD card. If you live in Germany - or even here in the US - and want to know more about the Motorola DROID/MILESTONE, read our AndroidCommunity full review by clicking here.
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