NVIDIA Tegra 2

NVIDIA KAL-EL Quad-Core Processor on Track for 2011

And yes, Nexus 3 is going to exist. Are they going to intersect? That's what the Android forums are abuzz with, but as the NVIDIA Q1 2011 gives not even a clue about such a thing, I'm going to go ahead and call fluff. I've got a very informed exclusive quote from an industry official below on the matter, and that should clear everything up for everyone. Meanwhile this news that KAL-EL will be coming out this year isn't exactly new either since all the way back at the initial announcement during Mobile World Congress 2011 a within-the-year timeframe was the plan.

Pinball HD for Tegra Out TODAY – Extra Rendered Enhancements Included!

Today is the day that Android finally has the greatest pinball game thus far created for the mobile platform, that being Pinball HD from Gameprom. This game we took a brief look at and reviewed a little bit ago and we raved and ranted about it and everyone had a really great time. That was a demo of the game where only the wild west table was open. Now we've got the full version courtesy of our pals at NVIDIA and it turns out it's better than expected!

Touch Rally: World Tour THD game coming Summer 2011

It looks like the coming months we are going to see some great games coming to Android. What I am most excited about is all the games and developers that are going the Tegra HD route and taking advantage of the extremely impressive Tegra 2 dual-core CPU. One of those that has some games I am looking forward to is Playbox, they have developed games for PS2, PS3, DS, PSP and more and now they have their full attention aimed at android and the Tegra 2 platform. Today I want to mention the game we know little about called Touch Rally: Wold Tour

Bang Bang Racing THD coming to android devices tomorrow

Bang Bang Racing THD is a fantastic looking top view racing game coming to Tegra 2 android devices, after reading more about it and watching the video (below) I must say I am pretty excited to get my hands on it. According to the twitter accounts of both @NvidiaTegra and the developers of the game @BBR_THD it will be released to the Android Market and on TegraZone starting tomorrow, May 6th. I will be getting it as soon as that happens, don't worry.

Android Community XOOM Giveaway FINAL WINNER

Behold our final winner! His name is Ronald Kreger and he is one lucky dude! According to his entry text, he currently has a Droid X which he judges to have a horrible graphics card, and he wants a better one. Why, it just so happens to be that his randomly chosen winning entry will get him exactly that - and it's a double down! Kreger you've got 24 hours to contact yours truly and turn that Android frown upside down with a wifi-only XOOM - so many possibilities, and now they'll all be yours!

Guerrilla Bob THD Review [Tegra High Definition]

Holy goodness gracious, just when you thought this game couldn't possibly get any better without a full-fledged sequel, NVIDIA teams up with the developers to jam out a high-def version of the first bigtime hit. This is Guerrilla Bob, a game we've taken a look at in the past, so I wont bore you with too many details on the inner workings of the game. Instead lemme focus on what you're going to get that's brand new in this birds-eye-view shooter that's so cute, you'll forget that you're murdering the heck out of your enemies with machine guns, flame throwers, rocket launchers, and sticky bomb arrows!

Lenovo Android ThinkTab leaked

Okay, it's not called that, it's called the Android ThinkPad Tablet. But don't you think ThinkTab is more catchy? Regardless of what it's called, details of the new Lenovo Honeycomb Tablet have been leaked. And Lenovo looks to be catching the Android, and leaving Windows behind.

LG G2X users reporting rebooting issues

Users who have picked up the LG G2X at T-Mobile USA are reporting random freezes or reboots from the handset. Removing the battery or performing a soft reset is not solving the issue. And a full on hard reset does little to solve it either. As you may recall from our post last week, this isn't the first time the G2X has been acting quirky. In that story, we reported screen bleeding affecting screen colors, especially on a black screen. Now this issue and it can only point to one thing ... Go Fever. Back in the 60s during the Apollo program, the ongoing worry was being so eager to get there that problems and defects were overlooked. And with the wild west competition for getting out the latest and greatest handset and riding the wave of hype and interest, it can often be easy to release a product first, and fix the bugs later in a firmware update. But quality control issues can also kill the wave, causing future users to look elsewhere. Fortunately, G2X users have been able to exchange the defective handsets for another. But if it's a design issue, it's not really clear what good that does. And if it's a software issue, then they'll have to wait for that update. Then again, it isn't happening to every G2X user just yet, so only time will tell what the answer is. Stay tuned. [via Gotta Be Mobile]

T-Mobile G Slate confirms launch date as April 20

T-Mobile has finally officially confirmed the launch date for the LG Slate. Although we recently reported that T-Mobile stores had the G Slate in the back of stores already, the official launch date for the Android 3 (Honeycomb) tablet has been confirmed for a nationwide release on April 20th. And it will sell for $529.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate and a two year contract for current T-Mobile customers. That's about $50 cheaper than the Motorola XOOM and $200 cheaper than a comparable iPad 2.
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