NVIDIA Tegra 2

Asus Quad Core Tablet with 3D display hinted

Fresh off the news that Asus is coming out with three new tablets running Honeycomb, comes the news that 3D may be a feature on a future tablet which also has a quad core processor. The hint comes from a chat with CEO Jerry Chen where he claims that part of the company's plans for 2011 is to introduce a 3D tablet with a Quad-core processor. The tablet is rumored to be made by the same company that builds the LG Optimus Pad since it will have a 3D screen. And since Asus is wall to wall with Honeycomb now, there's not need to assume they will change course unless Google releases a new OS flavor by then.

Galaxy on Fire 2 [Review] [Pre-Release] [NVIDIA Tegra Zone Suite Game]

Welcome to our review of an early version of the game Galaxy on Fire 2, an NVIDIA Tegra 2 optimized game which we're testing out on our Motorola XOOM tablet running Android 3.0 Honeycomb. This game is not yet released to the public, slated to be let loose some time during the month of March 2011. Galaxy on Fire 2 is a space battle game that takes place in a future not unlike the "used future" of ALIEN or Star Wars. It's in this universe that you, a space pilot with terrible luck, are sucked through a wormhole to the other end of the galaxy - from there you must fight your way back home by earning cash doing odd jobs in mining and the blasting of enemy ships. Han Solo much?

Monster Madness [REVIEW] [NVIDIA Tegra Optimized Hack-and-Slash Game]

Welcome to Monster Madness, a game optimized for gameplay inside an NVIDIA Tegra 2 environment, that being right here and now the Motorola XOOM Android Honeycomb tablet. This game is part of a suite of games available from various developers working hand-in-hand with NVIDIA to bring you the best experience possible with the power Tegra 2 has to offer. What this game consists of is a whole heck of a lot of fun in murdering the heck out of hoards of monsters. There's mutant spiders, obese gelatinous goons, red-eyed monkey jumpers, and of course, lots and lots of zombies.

NVIDIA Tegra Optimized Mini Game Guide

We've got a good friend in high places (NVIDIA) who's handed us a guide on what makes a game worthy (essentially) of carrying the NVIDIA Tegra seal of approval. Now these games are made by designers and engineers who have extraordinary talent, so NVIDIA certainly doesn't pretend to be the authority on how amazing a game can be, but the crews who work on these games have been glad to work with NIVIDIA to optimize everything from graphics to quick movements in the Tegra environment. Would you like some specific examples of how a few amazing new games work better than they ever have before now that they've got an optimized high-five from NVIDIA?

Android Gaming: Vendetta Online for Tegra 2

Vendetta Online looks to be an amazing game, Brought to us by Guild Software. Android Gaming is about to get much more exciting over the next few weeks and months. With the onslaught of Nvidia Tegra 2 Dual Core phones and tablets things are surely to get interesting. Tegra 2 is a very powerful Dual Core 1 Ghz processor as you all know, and it will be one of the main factors in taking Android gaming to the next level and more as we prepare to start the rise to beat iPhone in gaming.

NVIDIA Tegra Android Game Wave Continues with Samurai II: Vengeance

Welcome to the new age of mobile gaming. As you know, essentially starting with that RPG/overhead game Dungeon Defenders and moving on through a couple of GLU games and so forth, these are the games that are used by the processor pushers to show how amazing the devices they power can really be. This particular game, Samurai 2: Vengeance, is another of a separate wave of games to have been developed for iOS first then brought over to Android once it was found to be popular enough. That or because Android is more difficult to develop for for a game such as this, either way, here it is now.

Kal-El NVIDIA Chipset Benchmarked Against Core2Duo and Tegra 2

Unless you've been living in an opaque bubble for the past few days, you'll be completely aware that NVIDIA held a meeting in which they revealed a roadmap into their future, all the way to 2014 where their chipsets will be somewhere around 100x more powerful than they are now. But what about now, you ask? What would happen if they released their newly announced "Kal-El" quadcore right this moment and set it up against the other sets available today? Funny you should ask.

NEC TouchNote spotted at MWC

JKK Mobile has got a hands-on of the NEC TouchNote 7 inch Android laptop at Mobile Word Congress in Barcelona. Basic specs include being powered by an NVidia Tegra 2 chip, a 7" resistance touch screen at 800x480 resolution, nearly full-sized keyboard, and directional trackpad.

Sony Leaks S1 PlayStation Tablet

Sony is finally getting into the tablet game with their development of the S1 Playstation Tablet. And it looks to be game centric with Playstation games, Sony music, eBooks and video on demand linked through Qriocity, Sony's proprietary subscription service in Europe.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Hands-on [Video]

Looking at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, it's easy to notice more than just the larger screen. This follow-up to the original Galaxy Tab concept is more powerful thanks to the NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor working in concert with Android 3.0 to do all the heavy lifting. And although it is designed to go head to head with the iPad, it's actually lighter than it's Cupertino cousin.
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