Nuance to bring pro-grade dictation and voice editing with Dragon Anywhere

Nuance, the company behind the Dragon Mobile Assistant, Nuance Voice Ads, has just made an announcement about its new app that will bring professional-grade quality dictation for any mobile professional. The app isn't available on Google Play Store or the App Store yet but this mobile app is said to be cloud-based and will offer several improvements on documentation productivity and a more powerful voice dictation.

Swype update brings improved word prediction and Dragon Dictation UI

After a seemingly never ending beta period, Nuance Communications released the Swype keyboard app into the Google Play Store in late-April. While the Play Store version of the app should have been familiar to anyone that had been using the beta release, it did come with a price to pay. Specifically, the Swype app arrived priced at $0.99. And while we suspect some long time beta users may have had a hard time paying, there is one perk that has come as a result of parting with that dollar.

Swype now available from the Google Play Store

It has been a long time coming, but Nuance has finally released Swype on Google Play, doing so with a special low price and a free trial option. This is in addition to the app being updated with a couple new keyboards and a few new features and improvements. For a limited time, users can grab Swype for $0.99, with the price later on increasing to a yet-unspecified rate.

HTC One Car app arrives powered by Nuance

Along with news of the HTC One coming available with select US carriers, it looks like we are also seeing some other details on the handset. For example, Nuance has released some details about how they are powering the HTC Car app that is available on the One. The aim here is to allow people to safely use a phone while in the car, of which Nuance has said the app helps keep users "intelligently connected" while behind the wheel.

Nuance Voice Ads unveiled, touted as a “game changer”

Nuance has announced something new today. The announcement is for Nuance Voice Ads which touts itself as an "innovative new mobile advertising format" and a game changer. The unique part here, while the Voice Ads name would imply that your smartphone would be shouting ads at you, this is actually a two-way conversation using the Nuance voice technology.

Nuance brings added intelligence with Dragon Mobile 3.0 app update

Nuance has recently update the Dragon mobile app. The app, which is dubbed Dragon (Hands-Free Assistant) is available by way of the Google Play Store and is currently sitting at version 3.0.0. Perhaps more important than a new version number though, the update brings several new and seemingly worthwhile features -- all while the app remains free to download and free to use.