NTT DoCoMo tweets Galaxy Nexus for November ahead of launch

If you have been following all the leaks that have been surfacing over the last week or so about the Galaxy Nexus smartphone we know the device is coming soon. In fact, the smartphone is expected to surface today in Hong Kong officially. This will be the first Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone and will launch all around the world.

A chocolate Android phone that won’t melt in your pocket

Sharp's upcoming Q-Pod Android phone is aimed right at the rich, delicious center of the novelty market. The golden-colored phone's back, front and the user interface inside all look as if they're covered in half-melted chocolate, for some reason. It even comes with its own "Chocobed", a charging dock that looks like a fancy chocolate box.

DoCoMo SC-02C Hands-On [Galaxy S II with an Antenna!]

Well wouldn't you know it, our man in Japan mister Ewdison Then has for us a brief look at the DoCoMo (Japan) version of the most epic handset on the market: the Samsung Galaxy S II! This version of the device is called the DoCoMo SC-02C and it's got several differences that make it unique to the country and the carrier. Can you see the first big difference? It's the biggest antenna in the entire world, the entire world completely.

NTT DoCoMo gives Android users FlyScreen

FlyScreen debuted back in 2009 and is a cool interactive widget that replaces the lock screen on your Android device. The developer of the app is Cellogic and it has made a deal with NTT DoCoMo that will see FlyScreen be offered to all of the Android users on the Japanese carrier. A location-based services company called Brilliant will push FlyScreen out in Japan.

NTT DoCoMo gets new NEC WP N-06C Medias phone

NTT DoCoMo has announced that it has landed a new Medias phone from NEC for its network that hits stores today for purchase. The phone went up for pre-sale yesterday apparently. We have seen other NEC medias phones in the past that were really thin and interesting like the Medius E-04C back in March. The new Medias phone is the WP N-06C and it is very thin.

NTT DoCoMo gives firm launch date for Optimus Pad

Gadget geeks in Japan that are fans of tablets will be able to get their hands on the new LG Optimus Pad tablet very soon. NTT DoCoMo has offered up the official launch date for the tablet within Japan. This is the last key bit of information that we didn’t have before, we already know all the specs of the tablet.

NTT Docomo to allow unlocking phones via SIM

One great thing about third tier companies is that often they use out of the box thinking to not only gain market share, but to challenge the conventional wisdom of their industry which is usually holding the market back. Such is the case with Japanese wireless company NCC Docomo, which today announced that after April 1st, any phone bought through their service will be able to be unlocked with a simple switching of a SIM card. Customers will have to pay an additional $38 unlocking fee, but after that, users can swap out SIM cards as much as they want. In addition, NTT Docomo will offer SIM and micro SIM cards for sale for customers who want to use a non-Docomo device on their  network.

NEC MEDIAS E-04C 7.7mm-thick Android smartphone headed to Japan

So far, NEC's Android devices have looked pretty clunky: you can hardly accuse the Touchnote or Smartia of being alluring in their design. However, all that looks set to change with the NEC MEDIAS N-04C, a 7.7mm thick Android 2.2 Froyo smartphone expected, according to Draft Life with Blog, to hit Japanese carrier NTT DoCoMo on February 24. The super-slim smartphone hasn't been fully detailed, but it will have a 4-inch display, NFC and 1-Seg digital TV tuner, and be available in black and white. At 7.7mm it's thinner than the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc (which is 8.49mm thick) and the Arc doesn't even have NFC. No word on international launch plans, but NEC would be crazy not to take the MEDIAS E-04C abroad. [via Akihabara]

Ameri-Smartphone Moon over Japan – Sharp Corporation to Release Galapagos Android Devices

So you're walking around a city in Japan, it's about five or ten years back, what do you see? Japan-born electronics as far as the eye can see. Now you're in that same city, it's 2010 - what do you see? iPhones. Tons of iPhones. And what else do you see a spattering of? Android-based phones. Just a spattering, but they're on the rise. In a country known as the Galapagos Islands of mobile phone markets for their wonderful and varied selection of devices and systems, a new wave is cresting, a wave of American-made mobile tech - and app developers are in the mood for surfing.
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