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Notion Ink gets real on battery estimates

Notion Ink has released a list of ways you'll be able to drain your Adam tablet's battery in around six hours, as a counterpoint to earlier talk of over fifteen hours of "normal" use.  1080p HD video playback at full brightness and volume will do it, the company says, together with playing a 3D augmented reality game with camera input and 3G or WiFi for data. Solid YouTube or other Flash video playback over wireless will also sap power quickly, as will streaming 3D maps over 3G and using the hardware GPS receiver.  Finally, recording HD video using the Adam's rotating camera and streaming it via WiFi is apparently a sure-fire way to drain the tablet in record time. To be fair, none of that is especially surprising, but it does raise a couple of interesting use-cases, particularly the HD streaming potential.  We've seen apps like Qik do real-time video uploads, but the quality is generally well short of HD.

Adam runtime 15hrs+ claims Notion Ink

Notion Ink has been teasing with more details about their upcoming Adam tablet, and perhaps most interesting is the expected battery life.  According to the company's blog, the current Pixel Qi units are seeing a minimum of 15 hours runtime, stretching into in excess of two days. Meanwhile USB Host functionality is also working, with Adam supporting peripherals like keyboard and mouse, together with external storage such as hard-drives.

Notion Ink open Early Access developer registration

Notion Ink has kicked off registration for their developer program, inviting would-be coders for the Adam slate to apply for Early Access.  The company has reserved 200 places, and to tempt participation they're giving all 200 an Adam tablet of their own to code on. Applications will be accepted until November 3 2010, with those selected notified a week or so later, and Notion Ink are looking for detailed proposals as to the sort of application you'd be creating; you can't just say "give me the Adam and I'll come up with something!" [Thanks Hardik!]
Hello There! Greetings from Notion Ink! You exchanged some emails with us regarding your interest in writing apps for the Adam. You wanted to know about SDKs, the API, the User Interface... but the most common question of all was, “When can I get my hands on some sample hardware?” At Notion Ink, we’re humbled by your incredible enthusiasm, and the patience you have shown over the months since CES and MWC. We’re delighted to inform you that your wait is coming to an end – we’re launching the Notion Ink Early Access Program today. Underlining our commitment to making the Adam a great platform for developers, the first 200 production quality Adams will go to developers chosen from among you. But 200 is already a small number and the competition to get into this program is really very hot! Till now we have selected a few and they took no time to convince us that they more than deserved to be in there. All what you need, is to register on the newly launched Notion Ink Developers Website and fill up the Early Access Program Form. We will be extremely interested in the application you will be designing (if you are a developer) or the kind of test you will be performing, so be 200% sure that you’ll enter all the details properly (few of the people whom we have selected, sent us their current applications or shared their FSD/PRD to explain their plans). You can return to the form and modify your application until midnight (IST) Wednesday, 3rd of November 2010. On the 10th of November, we’ll let you know if you’ve been selected. If you’re one of the lucky 200, you will just be one short step away from ordering an Adam to be shipped to your address, anywhere in the world! Your application may be more favorably considered as you’ve already had some discussions with us – make sure you use the same email address while signing up as you used during your communication. [Registration link, in case you missed:] With Warm Regards EAP Team Notion Ink Design Labs

Notion Ink logo contest: win an Adam tablet and $1,000!

Notion Ink have put out a call for all would-be logo designers, challenging them to come up with their idea for a logo that suitably encapsulates the start-up tablet manufacturer.  And, since it's generally frowned upon to expect people to work without payment, the winning designer will get not only $1,000 but an Adam tablet of their own. The top ten logo suggestions will be put up to the public vote on Notion Ink's site, and the winner will get the cash and the Android slate.  The four examples are just a handful from Notion Ink's own designers; suggestions have to be in to Notion Ink by October 22nd.

Notion Ink demo prototype Adam, confirm 1GB RAM [Video]

We'll seldom argue with a new Notion Ink Adam update, and having promised prototype news they've delivered with some tooling samples hot off the production line in China.  There's also a new video of one of the prototypes in action, together with the confirmation that Adam will have 1GB of DDRII 667MHz memory. Meanwhile they've been testing their speaker system - which benefits from the unusual curved side-profile of the Adam slate, putting the speakers on either end of the battery bulge - and it's apparently good enough to fill a conference room.  We're hoping to see more of Eden, the Notion Ink multitasking system, soon too. [youtube WMAdbPq7Jsc] [gallery]

Notion Ink reinvent multitasking with dual-mode Eden

Notion Ink has been promising us an interesting reintepretation of multitasking on their Adam Android slate, and now they've given a few more details on how that will work.  Eden is the company's dual-mode interface: it has a Full mode, where apps occupy the whole screen as normal, and a Light mode, where the slate automatically controls how much memory and CPU is available to each app, what processes are called and how often refreshes take place, and more. In Light mode, the display is split into three panels which can be flipped around and swapped with an "infinite" number of others waiting in sleep mode behind.  These panels can be a regular-resolution Android Market app or one of Notion Ink's own apps, and individual titles can spawn multiple panels.  Like in iOS, various key components (features, data-base, networking components, UI elements) are kept running in Light mode so that apps can continue to communicate and offer pared down functionality. [via SlashGear]

Notion Ink sign digital comic deal for Adam tablet [Video]

Notion Ink and LongBox Digital have just announced a partnership that will see the Adam tablet - and, indeed, any devices running the company's Genesis interface released over the next two years - preloaded with a comic app for browsing, downloading and viewing digital comics.  The app has a distinctive, comic-style UI of its own, as you can see in the video below. Meanwhile there will be a generic Android version of the LongBox Digital app, together with iOS versions for iPhone and iPad, and we've guessing you'll be able to transfer comics to the company's existing Mac/PC apps too. [youtube qLLMnu1x2YE] [via SlashGear]

Notion Ink Adam may come in colors, Further development documented

The Notion Ink Adam tablet has been the hype for quite sometime. With little details of the device throughout it’s design and manufacturing stages, we now have word that it may be coming with some color options. Rohan Shravan, of Notion Ink, has updated the official blog, this time we get to hear about the various design choices they had to make as well as hinting that colors may actually be an option.

Notion Ink Adam Getting SDK Called Genesis

One of the most talked about tablets out there, even if it isn't released, is Notion Ink's Adam. It's a full-featured tablet that, on more than one occasion, has been said to be the true iPad killer. One aspect of that is the implementation of Android underneath the hood. And, even if there have been plenty of set-backs for the company, from both investors and manufacturing standpoints, the company still plans on releasing the product some time this year. With that in mind, they've even formulated a Software Developer Kit (SDK).
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