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Notion Ink Adam Tablets Arriving Now, Update Errors Happening

Take a look in your mailbox, oh you lovers of the Adam Android tablet that are expecting them to arrive soon, as they do seem to be popping up all over the place today. You'll be so happy when you get yours, and we'd just love to hear your unboxing story when you get it. One individual went so far as to hug the delivery man when he got his in the UK.

Android Community Daily Wrap Up: January 21 2011

First of all, if you've got a Nexus S, Nexus One, or Samsung Vibrant - you've got updates on the way. Next, see the Android Faces Massive Lawsuit at Hands of Oracle post to see the situation Google is in with copyright infringement. Fear for the future as Verizon Files for Appeal on Net Neutrality Light, and get gleeful as Angry Birds Valentine's Day Edition is casually announced. Finally, and I do mean finally in this list as well as in the wait for this piece of tech, Notion Ink is shipping. Wait by your door like a puppy! Browse Android Community while you're at it.

Notion Ink’s Adam tablet gets official unbox treatment

Pre-order customers all over the world are waiting on their Adam tablets from Notion Ink, and the company is doing a little teasing with an official unboxing of the Android slate. You certainly get more than just Adam shoved inside a cardboard box; the packaging itself turns into a stand for using Adam on the desktop, such as when you've got a keyboard and mouse hooked up. There's also news that a software update will be ready and waiting for new owners to install, though we're guessing it's an Eden-related package rather than anything more significant with Android. [gallery]

Notion Ink Adam Contest Entrants Denied Promised Discount?

Let's begin this story all the way back on November 6th, 2010. There was a contest regarding the Logo for the system, and the top ten entrants were listed, with a note near the end of the entry saying: "All 43 entries will enjoy a steep discount, so keep an eye on your mail box." Sounds totally awesome, right? Maybe not so awesome if that promise never comes to fruition! It is now right in the midst of shipping pre-orders for this lovely tablet and reports are coming in of no contact being given regarding this matter at all. No discount, no tablet. Take a peek at one such account below.

Carbon Fiber Skin for Notion Ink’s Adam is Possible

It seems carbon fiber skins are all the range in the technology. Adding a bit of a personal and professional touch to your device, they're popping up on more and more devices. XDA member, joshua.lyon, has contacted a manufacturer of these skins and they said they would make a template for the device, but they need help. [caption id="attachment_23085" align="aligncenter" width="540" caption="Carbon Fiber Material Example"][/caption] Specifically, what they're asking for is an Adam owner to stop by GotShadeOnline in the Delaware area and let them take specific measurements of your device. For your troubles not only will you help out dozens of users who would like to purchase the skin, but you will get your very own custom fitted carbon fiber skin for free! [caption id="attachment_23086" align="aligncenter" width="540" caption="Color Options"][/caption] The company is known for their high-quality carbon fiber material that is not just a design printed on vinyl. These skins are made out of a material that has a visible texture that shows in various lighting conditions and are not simply printed patterns, making them the perfect customization/scratch proof accessory. If you would like to contact GotShadeOnline, be sure to send them an email and hopefully set up a time where they can measure your device! [Via XDA]

Android Community Daily Wrap Up: January 19 2011

There's fire in our collective hearts as a rogue Motorola representative tells the Android developer community to buy elsewhere. We get all happy again though as there's a sweet little animation featuring nothing less than an Android Exploding an Apple Logo, then a video of a Nexus S equipped man getting crushed by a vending machine, and we get a super cute little Android Chinese God of Wealth in the mail. Rally against the rules as Kongregate and their 300 free games deal is dashed by Google, then wait at the door expectantly as Bejeweled 2 comes this week, Plants vs. Zombies and Peggle come this Summer, and Nexus One receives Gingerbread SOON - they swear!

Notion Ink’s Adam slate ships today, Wednesday 19 2011

According to Notion Ink, the company's Adam tablets will ship out today, now that FCC approval codes can be printed onto the slate itself. As well as those pre-orders that are listed as shipping in January in their online status summary, Notion Ink is aiming to push out those orders estimated for February delivery. That's because the company apparently built in some extra time padding into the schedule, based on over-cautious fears about FCC delays. So, who'll be watching the post box eagerly? [gallery]

Notion Ink Adam Begins Shipment Tomorrow, Pre-Pones February Shipments to January

Take a peek at this! To counter-act all the "Notion Ink Delayed again" headlines that've been going around the past week or so, the folks at Notion Ink have found a way to pre-pone (instead of postpone) their February shipments to the last week of January. That seems kinda neato. That in addition to the photos below and the news that the FCC and CE delayed batches will be going out tomorrow - all in all it's just totally a happy day over at Notion Ink in the factory and on the shipping floor!

Notion Ink Adam Displays Solaro Functionality

Rohan has just posted a video of some brand new workings on the Adam, particularly in the way of students working on the tablet. This video again is taken directly from Adam's direct HDMI output. Rohan reminds us of the canvas app, the office support, the calendar and email apps, and leads in to how one of the most important aspects of the tablet is Notion Ink's business partners.
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