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Notion Ink Adam touchscreen damage means Valentine’s delay for some tableteers

Tough luck for a small portion of Notion Ink Adam preorder customers this weekend, with the news that they'll have to wait until around Valentine's day before they get their Android tablet. The company has confirmed that the accidental touchscreen damage experienced by some units during transit, coupled with the Chinese New Year holidays, means a slightly longer than expected delay before replacement parts can be arranged. Notion Ink says just 5.31-percent of pre-order customers have been affected - everybody else got a far nicer "shipment confirmation" email instead - but as you might expect that's led to some disappointed would-be tableteers. One has forwarded on the email he received, which you can read below. [Thanks SAGinwalla!]
Dear xxx Greetings from Notion Ink! We understand that you have been eagerly waiting for the arrival of your Adam. However, we regret to inform you that a fraction of our touch-screens got damaged during transportation due to which your shipment has been effected. The Chinese New Year holidays that are in the first week of February further add to the delay. However, our touchscreen partner, Sintek, have agreed to work through the holidays and deliver the screens as soon as possible. We are afraid that until we receive these touchscreens, your device would not be ready for shipment. The estimated date of your shipment would be 14th February 2011 (Buffer included). In case you need any further assistance, please contact the Notion Ink Support Team at We thank you for your continued patience and co-operation in this matter. Warm Regards Notion Ink Support Team

Honeycomb update for Notion Ink Adam a work-in-progress

Notion Ink has announced it is working on Android 3.0 Honeycomb for the Adam tablet, though an exact release date for the software update is still unknown. The news confirms, however, that the Tegra 2 slate will bypass Gingerbread altogether and look instead to Honeycomb, Google's tablet-centric version of Android. Doing so would be is understandable, given Notion Ink's work on the Eden UI and multitasking system, intended to turn the smartphone-suited OS into something workable for a 10-inch display. Notion Ink says it is working with NVIDIA at the moment for the necessary Tegra 2 polish. The company has also announced that some Adam touchscreens were damaged in transit, and which will affect deliveries of certain pre-orders; Notion Ink's touchscreen suppliers are working over the Chinese New Year to replace them. No word on other display issues some owners have reported, however.

Notion Ink Adam torn down by FCC

Like a bunch of you, we were excited at the prospect of the Adam tablet from Notion Ink. The thing looks really cool and has nice features. We were bummed that it kept getting delayed along the way to market though. Those delays finally disappeared not too long ago and the tablet landed in the hands of buyers all over the place.

Notion Ink’s Adam rooted & Android Market access added

Notion Ink's Adam tablet has been successfully rooted, and with it the Android Market added to the slate's software. The handiwork of NotionInkHacks, the root not only opens up Adam to modification but makes a few extra tweaks, for instance adding the Gingerbread keyboard as an option, and restoring the YouTube app. There's also a home switcher and Live Wallpaper support, along with a slight increase to the frame buffer rate which might just make the screen a little smoother. On the flipside, it's expected that using the new firmware will break the official Notion Ink OTA updates, but we're guessing that most users will be content with using offline updates if it means they get access to the Android Market. [youtube L4FyhHN4Dlg] [Thanks Kam!]

Android Community Daily Wrap Up: January 27 2011

Today's an amazing day. There are two epic battles that we did not expect to see happen, especially since all four contestants aren't even released yet. It's a hypothetical playing field, and you're the judge. First check out XPERIA Play vs Sony NGP (PSP 2) ULTIMATE SMACKDOWN!, then grab another bucket of popcorn and strap up your wrestling hat for the next war: Samsung Galaxy S 2 vs Galaxy Tab 2! Then a battle in the real world, in the customer service department - Notion Ink Customer Service Stalls and creates quite the scene when asked questions about screen quality, a broken camera, and the application of their screen protector - we're waiting for your redemption, Notion Ink!

Notion Ink Customer Service Purposely Stalling Past 7 Day Return Period?

It appears in more than one case today that Notion Ink's General Terms of Return for the Adam Android tablet are coming into the spotlight in a rather unpleasant set of instances. As you know, hardware/software brand Notion Ink recently sent out their first shipment of Android tablets, that being the several different versions of what's called the "Adam." Since shipment, there've been several reports of difficulty in use, mis-information coming to light regarding the glossiness of the screen, blotchiness in the colors on the screen, and now a hardware mis-alignment in the swivel camera at the top of the device. A fellow by the name of Rambler reports today that after reporting to Notion Ink that his device suffered from the last two items from this list of defects, he was treated with what seemed to be a dismissive attitude and a confusing set of instructions, ultimately leading up to his 7 day return period becoming expired.

Notion Ink Eden UI ported to Viewsonic GTablet [Video]

Notion Ink's Eden UI has been ported to the Viewsonic GTablet, after the start-up released fix files containing the slate's ROM for those who had bricked their Adam. xda-developers wasted no time in bringing the three-pane interface over to the GTablet, and while it's not 100-percent stable, it's still arguably better than the UI Viewsonic opted for. Interestingly the Notion Ink team seems aware of the hacking efforts, and - at least going by the latest blog post - don't appear too upset. "XDA community, we love you!" CEO Rohan Shravan claims. [youtube uKWeVY_pOEs] [Thanks to everybody who sent this in!; image and video via roebeet]
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