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Android Community Weekly: September 24, 2011

Viewing the Android Community Weekly roundup this week will land you in-depth reviews of two amazingly well build devices, more information on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and some Android OS controlled supergadgets. Both American variants of the Samsung Galaxy S II are now in our possession! The Epic 4G Touch was extensively reviewed this past Sunday, with benchmarks even the original Galaxy S II can't touch (out of the box that is). And just recently, the AT&T Galaxy S II was unboxed by Chris Burns; be sure to ask him any questions regarding the device so they may be answered before the official review! The Epic 4G Touch is already available, but AT&T expects to release their Galaxy S II for under $200 coming October.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Confirmed by NI for October

It's difficult to take the folks at Notion Ink seriously after all we've heard from them, confirmations that turned out flat, a device whose insides certainly did not end up pretty, and stories of them leaving their customers in the dark the moment their device was shipped and the money was in the bank. Oh the other hand, they haven't disappeared completely quite yet, and Rohan Shravan, their face, has a bit to say about Ice Cream Sandwich that may end up being dipped in truth sauce when it comes down to it. The key sentence: "Official (“update button”) Ice Cream Sandwich update in November after Google’s launch in late Oct". Did Shravan just leak the launch date of the next Android treat?

Notion Ink promises Adam 2 tablet for December 2011

Can you handle the Notion Ink roller coaster for a second time? Having set the benchmark for Android tablet hype, then run head-first into the practicalities and issues around bringing products to market, Notion Ink has revealed plans to introduce the second-gen Adam 2 tablet in December 2011. Speaking to Light Reading India, Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan confirmed that "this December you should see Adam 2 if everything goes fine" and hinted that a CES 2012 presence was likely. No hardware details have been given, but with the original Adam an early adopter of NVIDIA's Tegra 2 and Pixel Qi's sunlight-readable displays, there's already speculation that the Indian company will pair the Tegra 3 Kal-El chip with one of the new breed of Pixel Qi panels. Follow-up hardware to Adam has always been on the roadmap, and Notion Ink was confident that its customized software would populate a range of tablets. If the Adam saga taught us anything, though, it's that a solid spec-sheet isn't necessarily enough to make a convincing, best-selling product. [via Liliputing]

Notion Ink Adam sales open again; Honeycomb on June 27

Still keen to pick up a Notion Ink Adam? It's been a while since the first batch of Android slates went out, and Notion Ink has just thrown open the doors for a new round of orders. Meanwhile, Eden 1.5 - Notion Ink's UI and multitasking system - is going out to existing owners later today. It'll also include new apps, though exact details won't be revealed until the new firmware is released. Apparently Honeycomb will follow on come June 27, complete with hardware acceleration. If you want to place an order you'll first have to subscribe to Notion Ink's list, here; the company is sending out ordering invites now. Of course, the Android tablet landscape has changed plenty since we first saw Adam, and it's no longer the first Tegra 2 slate around.

Notion Ink Adam gets Kindle support

Notion Ink has announced that users of its Adam tablet will now be able to read their Amazon ebooks, with the news that the Kindle app is now available for the slate. The app does make considerable sense when you consider the optional Pixel Qi display, which can function in a similar manner to an e-ink panel on one of Amazon's own Kindle ereaders. Of course, the Kindle app for Android is nothing new, and so this is more an announcement about Amazon giving Notion Ink permission to distribute it through its download store than anything else. Adam lacks official access to the Android Market, and instead uses its own download system. As usual, there's Whispersync support so that reading progress is synchronized over all Kindle apps and hardware: you can pick up your Adam and carry on reading where you left off on your Kindle. The agreement is said to be the first of several imminent from Notion Ink.

Notion Ink Tablet gets Gingerbread update, does anyone care anymore?

Notion Ink has added a new chapter to their two year old odyssey of building their Adam Android tablet from scratch. Notion has confirmed an update providing Android 2.3 Gingerbread, a new browser, and even a new eBook reader client. As you well know, Notion has been blogging the process step by step, giving users an inside peek on how tablets are created. For awhile, we thought they'd disappeared. Then last month, they announced updates to their tablet were forth coming. But since Adam was launched, Notion has run into customer service and shipping issues which has caused many who were eagerly awaiting release to seek other options. So the question is ... does anyone really care?

Notion Ink Adam Still in Business, Closer to the Blue

It appears that Notion Ink is definitely still pushing the Adam tablet regardless of their deep drop-off in coverage since the launch of the device. Incase you do not know, Notion Ink is basically a startup company that launched an Android tablet a few months ago, blogging their way through the process of creating it all the way from nearly the beginning of the process up to the day of pre-releases. They began blogging in April of 2009, and now that the tablet is out, the updates have come with much more space in between than ever before. This weekend came a post that noted feature updates coming to the tablet soon as well as an official release of a program dealing with the tablet in Bangalore.

Adam up for sale again as Notion Ink kicks off more orders

Notion Ink is throwing open the order books for the second round of Adam tablet orders, though you'll still have to be pre-registered if you want to get in first. According to CEO Rohan Shravan, a "huge" number of order invite emails are already making their way to would-be customers. Shravan also confirms that Adam will skip straight over Gingerbread and instead "will be directly migrating to Honeycomb in future," though no timescale for that update is given. As for the missing Android Market, "Adam does not have market access because it is not a phone" he suggests, and "Android Market is an app store for phone apps." [via SlashGear]

Notion Ink Adam update delivers bug-sweep; Users delighted [Video]

Notion Ink has released a new firmware update for its Adam tablet, addressing multiple launch issues with the Tegra 2 slate and generally smoothing out the overall user-experience. According to Notion Ink Fan, the Eden UI panels are now more stable, browser tabs are more reliable, and the video player is less jumpy when you toggle play/pause. Meanwhile, Adam owner Shane Trafford - who you might recall was among the first wave of recipients - has sent in his own video demo of the Notion Ink slate doing its thing (which you can see below). [youtube FbAtgrO01S4] [via Lilliputing]
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