Notion Ink Adam

Notion Ink delivers Ice Cream Sandwich alpha ROM for Adam tablet

Would you hark at that: Notion Ink has seen fit to grace its most ardent customers with an alpha version of its Ice Cream Sandwich update. The company posted the Adam tablet ROM on its official blog, along with the source code it's based on. Now that's what I call customer service! Any Adam user can download and install the ROM at their pleasure, though of course there's still a few bugs to squash.

Notion Ink’s Adam tablet gets Ice Cream Sandwich port

Remember that revolutionary Adam tablet that launched early this year? The one that ran a customized Gingerbread interface over a Pixel Qi display, and changed the way we used technology forever? The one that was almost universally panned after months of delays failed to deliver a satisfactory tablet experience? Well, that tablet just got a little better: an intrepid modder has loaded up an Ice Cream Sandwich ROM on the Notion Ink Adam, instantly making it about 200% more desirable.

Notion Ink promises Adam 2 tablet for December 2011

Can you handle the Notion Ink roller coaster for a second time? Having set the benchmark for Android tablet hype, then run head-first into the practicalities and issues around bringing products to market, Notion Ink has revealed plans to introduce the second-gen Adam 2 tablet in December 2011. Speaking to Light Reading India, Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan confirmed that "this December you should see Adam 2 if everything goes fine" and hinted that a CES 2012 presence was likely. No hardware details have been given, but with the original Adam an early adopter of NVIDIA's Tegra 2 and Pixel Qi's sunlight-readable displays, there's already speculation that the Indian company will pair the Tegra 3 Kal-El chip with one of the new breed of Pixel Qi panels. Follow-up hardware to Adam has always been on the roadmap, and Notion Ink was confident that its customized software would populate a range of tablets. If the Adam saga taught us anything, though, it's that a solid spec-sheet isn't necessarily enough to make a convincing, best-selling product. [via Liliputing]

Notion Ink Adam sales open again; Honeycomb on June 27

Still keen to pick up a Notion Ink Adam? It's been a while since the first batch of Android slates went out, and Notion Ink has just thrown open the doors for a new round of orders. Meanwhile, Eden 1.5 - Notion Ink's UI and multitasking system - is going out to existing owners later today. It'll also include new apps, though exact details won't be revealed until the new firmware is released. Apparently Honeycomb will follow on come June 27, complete with hardware acceleration. If you want to place an order you'll first have to subscribe to Notion Ink's list, here; the company is sending out ordering invites now. Of course, the Android tablet landscape has changed plenty since we first saw Adam, and it's no longer the first Tegra 2 slate around.
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