Plume for Twitter updated with push notifications

There is no shortage of available Twitter apps for Android users. Most seem to have their personal favorite, but regardless of how well an app runs, or how nice it looks, the lack of certain features will end up being a turn off for some. With that in mind, the folks at Plume have released the v5.4 update which brings a notable new feature.

Alcatel One Touch Idol ALPHA hands-on

Alcatel and their entire line of smartphones hasn't slowed down. The company is still releasing them by the truckload, but this year they're going to offer some top-tier models as well with a focus on quality. Instead of all mid-range devices. The One Touch Idol ALPHA we mentioned earlier this week is one of those. With a blend between the iPhone and an Xperia, the Alpha had some cool things going for it worth pointing out.

Paranoid Android HALO 2.0 arrives with multitouch and more

Paranoid Android first came available in beta form back in early-June. Since then we have seen some updates and changes, however it appears as if things have just been updated to v2.0. This is being shown as the first public preview of HALO 2.0 and it is arriving with v3.97 of the Paranoid Android ROM. And in addition to the HALO update, PA3.97 also brought some other changes.

Amazon SNS with Mobile Push unveiled as cross-platform notification service

Amazon, through Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced a new push notification solution for developers. This is arriving as the Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) with Mobile Push and it is described as being fast, fully managed and cross platform. And perhaps the icing on the cake for some developers, Amazon has said this can be used to send up to one million notifications per month without incurring any cost.

Light Flow update adds Android 4.3 support, remote notification clearing

What started out as a simple app to change notification LED colors for Android has become one of the most popular and powerful notification tools around. Light Flow was just updated with a slew of new features, supports for tons of other applications previously not supported, and new goodies for Android 4.3 Jelly Bean users.

Active Notifications app brings Moto X Active Display features to Android 4.3

Motorola unveiled the Moto X earlier in the month and while the handset has a decent set of specs, much of the focus was on the user experience. Part of that experience is something called Active Display. This means the handset will be able to show incoming notifications for items such as SMS messages or emails without having to light up the full display. With that in mind, a new app called Active Notifications has recently entered the Play Store and it will bring similar features to other handsets.
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