Ingress update brings ‘under attack’ notifications and bug fixes

Today we're seeing a quick update for the somewhat popular but still in beta game from Google called Ingress. Google's Niantic Labs released the game back in November in a very limited beta, and the game is still in that same state today. However, for those lucky enough to be enjoying the game it received quite the update today with lots of improvements. Sorry, it will still drain your battery faster than the speed of sound. Read on for more details.

Motorola launches notification light toggle widget on Google Play

The notification lights on Android devices are certainly handy, but there are times when they can be downright annoying. Some of them are so bright that they can sometimes cause problems when you're trying to go to sleep, and if you're the type who is always getting new notifications, having that blinking light going off all the time can wear on the nerves quickly. Luckily, Motorola has come up with a solution, releasing a new widget on the Google Play Store that lets you manually turn the notification light on and off.

Android 4.2 to feature dual notification bars for Quick Settings

Android 4.2 is coming, and coming soon. While we don't know what to expect from Google and Android 4.2 or their upcoming LG Nexus 4, the details are slowly starting to leak through the cracks. What we have today is something that can't fully be confirmed at this point, but it looks like Google will be introducing a dual or second notification pulldown bar for quick settings. Check out the video below.
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