Android 5 vs iOS 8 part 2: The Recovery

In Part 1, we took a look at how some iOS 8 features looked nice and perhaps were even better than their Android counterparts. But being Android Community, we will not be content to let it end there. In this part, we will try to find ways to have those features, or at least a semblance of those, on Android. The good news is that it is all perfectly possible, given a few caveats, of course. And that's all thanks to Android's nature of openness and reusability.

Android 5 vs iOS 8 part 1: The Showdown

We all love Android here, right? Right? But let's face it. Even if we have a soft spot for the little green guy, we could be considered blind fools if we believed that Android were 100% perfect. A minor nitpick here, a pet peeve there, Android doesn't have all the answers. Sometimes, it gets the answers wrong. And sometimes, the ones with the right answers are its competitors. Here we take another look at the eternal rivalry between Android and iOS, but with a slightly different twist. This time we try to see some of the things that iOS, particularly iOS 8, may have gotten right.

See your notifications clearly (and largely) with BIG Notifications

Not everyone who uses mobile devices have perfect 20/20 vision. In fact, if you're on your smartphone or tablet more than half of the entire day, chances are you will eventually need glasses. If you have bad eyesight or you're a senior citizen with failing eyes, you read notifications probably with great difficulty. The arrival of BIG Notifications will definitely be a boon for your visual health.

Peak wearable now with smartphone notifications, data export

If you're constantly being berated for always picking up your smartphone because you're waiting for an important message or you're on a run but you need to get a call without breaking your stride, this means it's time to get a wearable. There are so many options out there now, as compared to a few years ago, and so you need to research which one should fit your lifestyle. Peak is one of those clamoring for your attention, and if it's notifications and lifestyle monitoring you're after, then this might be a pretty good deal.

AcDisplay version 3.0 gets Android Lollipop support

There are numerous apps on Android but only a few offer new ways to handle and customize notifications. The AcDisplay is not exactly a new app. In fact, the recent release is already the 3.0 version. It already has a copycat in the form of the HeadsUp but we haven't really given this one much attention. It's about time that we focus on AcDisplay because it's a new way to manage notifications on Android by showing a minimal screen that allows you to open apps directly from the lock screen.

Pushbullet adds Quick-Action support

Having fun with Pushbullet yet? The app has been getting interesting updates recently: send links to and from phone, Notification Mirroring, Play Store beta program, EvolveSMS integration, universal copy and paste, subscribing to Channels,  Material Design, and improved navigation. The Pushbullet team will just keep on working on the app to make your experience even better. The latest addition is the Quick-Action support that allows you to react to notifications right on your computer.

C Notice app features floating notifications, colored header display

There are probably thousands of productivity apps available on Google Play Store. We can't feature all of them because only a few are worth our attention and can be considered really useful. The C Notice app for Android is one program that allows the user to keep track of everything important.

Nexus 6 has hidden 3 color LED light but not for notifications

If you're one of the brand new owners of the Nexus 6, chances are, you probably have been experimenting with its various features and apps. One such kind of user discovered a "secret" hidden feature, which is a 3-color LED light (red, blue, green) located at the back of the speakers. But why is it hidden and not made a default feature for the smartphone? And why can't you use it to separate your notifications by colors?

Control your phone’s LED light notification with Light Flow

Do you get bored or annoyed with your smartphone's notification light and wished you could make it more exciting (well, as exciting as any LED light can get)? An app says you can now control what color it will show for specific notifications as well as repeat sounds or make a pattern for certain things that you deem important enough to be noticed.
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