Floatify Version 8: more customizable options, new features

Even before Android 5.0 Lollipop made heads-up notifications common to all updated devices, there was an app called Floatify that was ahead of the game (well, they did base it on L but launched ahead of it). And if you weren’t satisfied with the stock notification settings from Google, you might have stuck with Floatify even as your devices got Lollipop-ized. Now, more than a year later, they’re launching version 8.0 of the app and it comes with a ton of new and customizable goodies that makes this one of the better alternatives to the default Android notification system.

Snowball stops your notifications from, well, snowballing

Notifications can be both your best friend and your worst enemy. The more apps you install on your device, the more messier your notification screen becomes. And even deciding which one you want to see and which ones you want to turn off can become a drag. Snowball, formerly a unified inbox for all your messaging apps, now wants to help you manage the, err, snowballing notifications from distracting you from the important things that you need to focus on.

Never miss a thing with ‘Hooks – Alerts for Everything’ app

Alert apps are needed by almost everybody I know. Personally, I need such app that can remind and tell me all the things I need to know. This 'Hooks - Alerts for Everything' can be that special app that will send custom alerts whenever you need it. The app features more than a million available alerts from over 100 channels that provide information and notifications on sports, music, video game releases, weather, and lottery results among others.

Ticklr lets you switch from heads-up to ticker notifications

Despite the generally positive reviews of Android Lollipop and its Material Design, one feature that hasn't been that well-received by Android users is the heads-up notification, which can be at times annoying and eats up space and time dismissing them. But it seems that Google is having none of it, and will most likely still be in the next major update, Android M. Good thing there are apps out there that can help solve this problem for you, like Ticklr - ticker notification app.

HeadsOff removes Lollipop’s Heads Up notifications

While Android 5.0 Lollipop brought a lot of welcome changes to our smartphones and tablets, not all of them are particularly helpful or useful or they can be downright annoying. The Heads Up notifications seem to be heaven sent at first as it allowed you to get more information about the notification without necessarily drawing down the notification slide. But if you have tons of apps, and a lot of persistent ones at that, it can get tedious and annoying. Good thing we have an app like HeadsOff.

Notification Reminder lets you make quick notes, reminders on notification

There's a new app ready to join the long list of apps specializing in notifications and reminders. Aptly called as the Notification Reminder, this app allows you to make quick notes, instant notes, and reminders on notification. The reminders and quick notes you write down on the app can be accessed later right from a notification.

Spam Blocker Smart intelligently identifies spam, prevents disturbances

Everybody hates spam. No, not the canned meat that's a breakfast favorite (everybody loves that!) but those annoying texts, calls, and emails coming in unsolicited. On Android phones, you can even find them on the status bar as notifications. I don't think there will be an end to spam yet but there are many ways to prevent them.

Glimpse Notifications eliminates need to press power button

The Android 5.0 Lollipop's lock screen notifications may be more than useful now but there are certainly more ways to improve the feature. There are apps and launchers that prove to be helpful allowing users to set the information they need and want to see. Such apps allow more customization for a more convenient use and quicker access to apps frequently used. For example, there's the Glimpse Notifications that lists apps whose notifications you want to display on screen as needed.

Smart Notify app lets you know what you want to know

Almost everything on your phone can be organized. You can set up notifications for most of your favorite apps for easier access the moment you turn on your phone. And with Android Lollipop and Material Design elements, your mobile life will be better with Smart Notify, a special advanced SMS and calls manager app for Android. With this program, you can set a popup window notification to show missed calls, SMS, MMS, and more.

Android 5 vs iOS 8 part 2: The Recovery

In Part 1, we took a look at how some iOS 8 features looked nice and perhaps were even better than their Android counterparts. But being Android Community, we will not be content to let it end there. In this part, we will try to find ways to have those features, or at least a semblance of those, on Android. The good news is that it is all perfectly possible, given a few caveats, of course. And that's all thanks to Android's nature of openness and reusability.
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