Microsoft buys Double Labs, now owns Echo Lock Screen for Android

Mircrosoft seems to be not content with its Garage project. That division that works on turning fresh ideas into real projects like making new apps for Android. The first successful app to be launched was the Next lockscreen for Android that was released and received several updates last year. The software giant has decided to "own" one more by purchasing Double Labs, the same company that developed the Echo Notification Lockscreen.

Memo Reminders is easy accessible, persistent, gets the work done

XDA-ers aren't all about hacks and quick fixes. These are devs who know Android development and codes inside and out so it's not surprising that they have apps that really matter. Memo Reminders is just one simple app that will help you get any job done. Created by drashko, an XDA Senior Member, Memo Reminders is a basic notifications app that reminds a person of a next action or event without having to set a time or date. No need for extra details because the app will just inform you of what you need to do next.

Time to concentrate, block all those distracting apps and games with ClearLock

Ah yes, ClearLock is something that I really need in my life not just on my smartphone but also in my laptop so I can avoid checking out apps or programs that easily distract me during work. This productivity app prevents the user from wasting precious time from opening apps, reading articles, playing games, or checking various social media apps. ClearLock will definitely be a helpful tool because it can block all those distracting apps.

Floatify Version 8: more customizable options, new features

Even before Android 5.0 Lollipop made heads-up notifications common to all updated devices, there was an app called Floatify that was ahead of the game (well, they did base it on L but launched ahead of it). And if you weren’t satisfied with the stock notification settings from Google, you might have stuck with Floatify even as your devices got Lollipop-ized. Now, more than a year later, they’re launching version 8.0 of the app and it comes with a ton of new and customizable goodies that makes this one of the better alternatives to the default Android notification system.

Snowball stops your notifications from, well, snowballing

Notifications can be both your best friend and your worst enemy. The more apps you install on your device, the more messier your notification screen becomes. And even deciding which one you want to see and which ones you want to turn off can become a drag. Snowball, formerly a unified inbox for all your messaging apps, now wants to help you manage the, err, snowballing notifications from distracting you from the important things that you need to focus on.

Never miss a thing with ‘Hooks – Alerts for Everything’ app

Alert apps are needed by almost everybody I know. Personally, I need such app that can remind and tell me all the things I need to know. This 'Hooks - Alerts for Everything' can be that special app that will send custom alerts whenever you need it. The app features more than a million available alerts from over 100 channels that provide information and notifications on sports, music, video game releases, weather, and lottery results among others.

Ticklr lets you switch from heads-up to ticker notifications

Despite the generally positive reviews of Android Lollipop and its Material Design, one feature that hasn't been that well-received by Android users is the heads-up notification, which can be at times annoying and eats up space and time dismissing them. But it seems that Google is having none of it, and will most likely still be in the next major update, Android M. Good thing there are apps out there that can help solve this problem for you, like Ticklr - ticker notification app.

HeadsOff removes Lollipop’s Heads Up notifications

While Android 5.0 Lollipop brought a lot of welcome changes to our smartphones and tablets, not all of them are particularly helpful or useful or they can be downright annoying. The Heads Up notifications seem to be heaven sent at first as it allowed you to get more information about the notification without necessarily drawing down the notification slide. But if you have tons of apps, and a lot of persistent ones at that, it can get tedious and annoying. Good thing we have an app like HeadsOff.

Notification Reminder lets you make quick notes, reminders on notification

There's a new app ready to join the long list of apps specializing in notifications and reminders. Aptly called as the Notification Reminder, this app allows you to make quick notes, instant notes, and reminders on notification. The reminders and quick notes you write down on the app can be accessed later right from a notification.
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