Android powered notebooks will bring lower prices, says Intel

Recent insider speculation was talking about how we may begin seeing some Android powered notebooks coming available. That report spoke about how Lenovo is expected to have an 11-inch Yoga notebook running Android available in May and even went on to talk a bit about how Intel has been promoting an Android powered convertible notebook. Well, as of now it looks like we have a bit of detail regarding potential price points.

Google Androidbook coming later this year according to rumors

Is it still April Fools' Day? A new report today from the somewhat reliable DigiTimes is reporting that Google is looking to get deeper into the notebook and PC market. Only this won't be a Chromebook, instead it will be an Androidbook. First off that name is terrible. And second, if anything it would be a hybrid device like the ASUS Padfone or the Transformer tablet with a keyboard dock.

Google Keep details surface, shows signs of being a note app for Drive

Google appears to be readying a new note-taking service. While we cannot necessarily call it a replacement for Google Notebook, it does appear to be along those lines. Well, that and maybe some potential competition for Evernote. The service is called Google Keep and hints of the service (along with the icon) have recently been discovered in the source code for the Google Drive website.

Asus’ goal for 2012 is to beat Samsung in tablets

Asus has offered up a glimpse of what it wants to do in 2012 at its global sales meeting held this week. Part of the goings on at the meeting was to set the shipment goals for the four major product lines next year. The company has announced that it expects to ship more than 22 million notebooks and netbooks next year reports DigiTimes. The specific number Asus is shooting for internally is 23.8 million units.