3G Nook Discontinued Due to Lack of Demand

We've heard countless reports of just how well the NOOK eBook reader has been doing. It seems that Barnes & Noble were not even expecting the numbers they are seeing. But with an Android-based color eReader, how could they go wrong? Well it seems the 3G version isn't selling as much as expected and it's on track to be discontinued.

NOOKcolor Receives Another Froyo Build w/Instructions

So you've got a NOOKcolor and you're looking to trip it out with sweet swag, yes? You got tired of reading books the first week you had it in your hands, right? You tried to install that Froyo ROM and it totally made your mind melt because you didn't understand the instructions, correct? Well my friend you're in luck because there's another one being developed. This one goes by the name of NOOKIE.

Android Community Daily Wrap Up: January 14 2011

Today was pretty epic. There's a crapstorm going down and it's right in the midst of Samsung and T-Mobile, but mostly Samsung. The Samsung Fascinate is the subject matter and the event is the no-show of an Android 2.2 Froyo update PLUS the telling by a supposed insider of how the Fascinate's update is being held back so that the new version can be sold better. Today there was a backlast! A The Class Action Lawsuit in the morning, a little bit later in the afternoon a #NeverAgain Twitter Campaign, and in the evening the inevitable Samsung Response. That enough to tide you over? I hope so, all we've got to get through to see the rest of the links is this lovely picture right here!

NOOKcolor Overclocked to 950Mhz STABLE, 1Ghz CHOKIN

Behold the awesome saga of NOOKcolor. When I first set eyes on the ol' NC first, (see those posts here,) I thought she was an OK reader, but she had a lot of potential that was going to waste. Sure enough not 2 days after I sent the NC back through the mail (I was only borrowing it, after all,) we get news that it's been ROOTED. From there, it was a fantasyland of apps, workarounds, ROMs, everything you could want. Except for one thing. Noone had overclocked it, not even a little bit. Well that's changed, and it's changed today.

ClockworkMod Recovery ROM Manager for NOOKcolor Now Available

Take a big peek, because Keushik Dutta, aka the twitter account @clockworkmod, has announced just a few minutes ago that NOOKcolor recovery is on ROM Manager. Joyous day! He does mention that the device must be rooted with Busybox installed - easy enough. For those not in the know, ROM Manager is the sweetness, an app put out by developers at ClockworkMod that allows you to find, download, install, and manage all of your ROMs in a fabulously easy to use user interface. Working on NOOKcolor? Heck yes.

Android Community Daily Wrap Up: January 10 2011

Oh my crap, is it 2011 already? Where did the years go? Last time we spoke (or I should say, last time you spoke with my pal Dylan,) we were getting all pumped up about CES 2011. Well guess what? That totally happened! Now you get the awesome task of having a swim through the massive amount of posts we made while the week was happening! What you'll see below is a link to the main collector post as well as a list of links from this past weekend. Android Community welcomes you back (or us back, as it were,) home!

NOOKcolor Hacked and Given Ubuntu

Having reviewed the NOOKcolor myself, hands on and clicking, reading and watching videos, all that stuff firsthand, I can tell you that this little pad has some juice to it. But it's locked down. It's a closed system made so that only Barnes and Noble can allow apps in, and only apps they've approved, apps having to do with reading only. So what does the hacker community do when a GRAVE INJUSTICE like this goes down? They bust it open and free it up. You might remember a few weeks ago when NOOKcolor was Rooted, giving it eventually things like Android 2.2 Froyo and Android Marketplace, now what would you like? How about Ubuntu?

Hack Brings Bluetooth to NOOKcolor

The NOOKcolor is sure a focus of the hacking community, and the most recent hack is unlocking the eReader's Bluetooth capabilities. The NOOKcolor's Bluetooth chip is deactivated out of the box, but now thanks to XDA member Occip the chip can now be activated allowing the eReader to connect to other devices.
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