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NOOK Tablet internal storage partitioning coming this March

Barnes and Noble has made a few changes to their popular NOOK tablet line. This morning officially announcing they'll start selling a slightly lower model with only 8GB of internal storage to better compete with the Kindle Fire. The NOOK has a micro-SD slot for expanded storage but out of the box users only get 1GB of the 8 or 16GB included to add their own pictures, music, or video. The rest is reserved for downloads from the NOOK store. Next month that will all be changing after the countless complaints regarding the matter.

Barnes & Noble introduces $199 Nook Tablet with 8GB of storage

If you've been looking at the increasingly crowded cheap 7-inch reader/tablet market, there's a new option at the all-important $199 price point. Barnes & Noble just lowered the Nook Tablet to a $199.99 price point, if you're OK with built-in storage falling from 16GB to 8GB. That gives the new dual-core Tablet, introduced in November of 2011, the same price and capacity as the original Nook Color, introduced back in 2010. Or at least it was the same price before this morning: the Nook Color now retails at $169.

Barnes & Noble says new Nook device coming this spring

Barnes & Noble is making a new Android-based Nook e-reader! Huzzah! The latter isn't exactly news - there's always a successor to the current model in the pipeline. But according to an in-depth report in The New York Times, the bookseller is preparing a new model of the Nook for release some time this spring. Executives, blissfully anonymous, were noted in the multi-page analysis of the current e-reader market. The new Nook was described as a "fifth device", implying that it's not a refresh or retread of the Nook Color, Nook Tablet or standard e-ink models.

New Nook Tablet root method requires just a MicroSD card and a reboot

The Nook Tablet has become notoriously difficult to mod, thanks in no small part to Barnes & Noble's decision to ship it with a locked bootloader. Various software updates have closed root methods already in use, making it more and more difficult for modders to do what they wish with they hardware they bought. Thankfully, XDA member Indirect has combined a series of hacks to create a root method that launches directly from a MicroSD card, which boots directly into ClockworkMod Recovery.

US tablet ownership almost doubles over the holidays

Tablets were the hot ticket item during the holiday season in the United States, and according to the Pew Research Center, the demand drove adoption to impressive new heights. The respected firm said today that US ownership of tablets jumped to 19% after Christmas, almost doubling the pre-December figure of 10%. The numbers  reflect adults only, but Pew also reported that e-readers had the same near 50% gain while being tabulated separately. While no specific model information was available, cheap tablets and e-readers from the competing Amazon and Barnes & Noble are thought to account for most of the increase.

Hardware mod bypasses Nook Tablet’s locked bootloader

This one is not for the faint of heart. After Barnes & Noble released the upgraded Nook Tablet in November, early buyers were surprised and angry to find a locked bootloader and a mere 1GB of user-accessible storage. Now a brave XDA modder has combined some of the latest software tricks with an actual physical modification of the main circuit board (remember those, console gamers?) to make a permanent custom kernel. Forum poster "hkvc" calls his solution NOP Based Security Bypass.

ReaderDock readies Docking Station for Nook Color and Nook Tablet

before a few months ago, no one seemed interested in model-specific docks for anything more than the iPad, as far as tablets were concerned. But now more than 40% of tablets sold run Android, and a considerable number of those are inexpensive reader/tablet devices like Barnes & Noble's Nook family. Soon there will be a new option for Nook Color and Nook Tablet owners as far as display and music playback is concerned, thanks to small accessory manufacturer ReaderDock. The NOOK Docking station will work with either device.

Dev shows you how to block Nook Tablet OTA updates

If you have, a B&N Nook Tablet that you have some custom stuff on and you don’t want to have to worry that an OTA update will come along and ruin your set up, check this out. A developer going by Indirect on the XDA-Developers forums has devised a way to block those OTA updates. The coolest part is that while it blocks the updates, you can still access B&N servers to buy books.

Low prices boost Android’s tablet market share to 40%

The free market, in all its terrible beauty, is Apple's most friendly enemy. After 18 months of being effectively the only tablet game in town (as a function of sales, anyway) the Cupertino giant's deathgrip on the slate market is starting to crack. According to IDC, Android's share of sales in the fourth quarter of 2011 will reach 40.3 percent of all tablet sales. That's up considerably since the third quarter, which has been variously projected as 20-30%.

NOOK Tablet update killed root and side-loading apps — here’s a fix

One of the biggest reasons many Android fans bought the NOOK Tablet aside from the great hardware and eReader capabilities is the fact that we can side-load apps, root, and install 3rd party ROM's -- not to mention eventually stable Ice Cream Sandwich builds. An update that started rolling out yesterday has killed root access, and we no longer have the easy option to side-load Android apps without some serious modification and hacking. Don't worry our fellow readers, we have a fix.
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