Intel says Nokia should have gone with Android

Intel CEO Paul Otellini doesn't think Nokia made the right choice when it came to going with Windows Phone over Android. It's an odd statement from Otellini considering that Nokia and Intel were working together on MeeGo and the move to Windows Phone means that its own MeeGo OS is going by the wayside too.

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Nokia Partners with Android Too, So Says Eldar Murtazin

If you're unfamiliar with who Eldar Murtazin is, first and foremost, he is the editor-in-chief Analyst and manager of, and a very well read and followed fellow. What he's got to say is in regards to this mornings news about Nokia teaming up with Microsoft for a Windows Phone 7 handshake heard around the world. As this was occuring, Murtazin was hearing from his inside sources that not only had Nokia made a deal with Microsoft, they'd cut a deal with Google as well at essentially the same time.

Nokia passes on Android because there “are too many players”

Nokia's new CEO and former Microsoft man Stephen Elop has been blunt with workers when he says that the company is standing on a burning platform with regards to MeeGo. All the blunt talk about how poorly Nokia is performing had me hoping that the company would turn to an interesting OS like Android for its smartphones.

Powerful Nokia OMAP4 Android Device Possibly in the Works

Take a look, if you'd like, at the portal for a Linux file automatically generated from the OMAP hardware databases, one with some spicy previews for what's to come early this year. In the first few lines you'll notice some lovely bits that could add up to a spicy new device from two of the biggest names in tech: Texas Instruments and Nokia. A device with an OMAP4 processor - is this the same processor announced back in December 2010 by TI, one with dual-core, 1.5GHz, support for 1080p video playback and conferencing, gesture recognition, two 12 megapixel cameras, and more? I'd bank on yes.

Samsung Aims for Number 1 Spot in Mobile, Decides to Replace Nokia in 3 Very Short Years

That's rather presumptuous of them, yes? Not if they've got the phones to back up their hopes and dreams it isn't. Nokia currently holds the top spot for mobile phone manufacturer in the world, but Samsung officials have said that their next 12 months will be very important since they're aiming to outpace Nokia in three years time. The Korea Times reports that Samsung intends to have smartphones and other "premium products" account for over half of its mobile phone production targets in the future - can you say Android?

Nokia name-checked as Android Honeycomb tablet producer

A casual name-drop in a report on Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablets has led to suggestions that Nokia is working with Google on an Android device. DigiTimes claims Google has been giving priority to brand-name handset manufacturers with support for the tablet-centric Honeycomb release, bypassing notebook makers in the process, but Nokia is in among the list of "smartphone players" supposedly working with the search giant. It's most likely an oversight by DigiTimes' writers, but the remaining players on the list - Motorola, Samsung, LG and HTC - are all companies we've heard Android tablet rumors about in the past. A similar casual mention pre-holidays tipped Honeycomb for a March 2011 release; now the site is claiming some smartphone manufacturers could have slates running the platform out as early as the latter half of February next year.

Nokia N900 gets Android 2.3 Gingerbread port

It's been a while since we've seen Nokia's N900 getting an Android hack - last time it was Froyo on the Maemo smartphone - but this time the NITDroid team have outdone themselves. They've supposedly managed to get Android 2.3 Gingerbread running on the N900. It's primarily the handiwork of Alexey Roslyakov - aka DrunkDebugger - though not everything is fully functional quite yet. Still, cellular data, sound, WiFi and various other things are working, and he's suggesting that there'll be a stable build released before the end of the year. [via HDBlog]

Nokia Android rumors reignite as Eric Schmidt calls Finland?

The Nokia Android rumors just won't die, and while the general consensus is that the Finnish company wouldn't touch Google's open-source OS with a barge-pole, that apparently hasn't stopped Eric Schmidt trying his luck.  According to TechCrunch, at around the same time as Nokia's VP of MeeGo devices was resigning, Google's CEO was calling to see if he could persuade them to consider Android on future devices.
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