Apple continues to dominate for smartphone customer satisfaction

The latest J.D. Power & Associates customer satisfaction report has been posted and it is similar to many of the past reports in that one thing has remained the same. The bit that has remained the same is something that Android loyalists may not be all that happy about, but here goes -- for the ninth consecutive time, Apple has remained in the top position in terms of smartphone customer satisfaction.

Nokia befriends Apple in fight against Samsung

In the ongoing feud between Samsung and Apple, it looks like one of these companies has found a new friend. That company is Apple and the friend is Nokia. It seems Nokia has recently filed a brief in support of Apple and as a result has become the only outside group to come forward in support of the appeal. The interesting part here is that Apple had sued Nokia back in 2009. The companies later settled in 2011 and as a result, Apple had to pay Nokia royalties.

Nokia CEO hints at tablets in their future, Android isn’t ruled out

There has been a lot of talk and hope regarding Nokia coming over to the dark side we all know and love as Android. Or is it the good side? Sadly they went the Windows Phone route and so far have absolutely no plans on jumping ship and building an Android smartphones. While we've seen little leaks suggesting the possibility, a recent interview with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has up hoping again.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop talks Android fragmentation

It seems to go without saying that Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is not going to be a fan of competing mobile operating systems. In this case, Android. After all, Nokia has several Windows Phone handsets available. That said, speaking at a recent press conference that was held to discuss Nokia's Q4 earnings, Elop had some interesting comments about Android.

Samsung bests Nokia to become top smartphone brand for 2012

The competition to become the top smartphone brand is definitely cutthroat, and it's one that Nokia has dominated for the past 14 years. It looks like that'll all change soon, with Samsung poised to take that first place spot from Nokia to become the top smartphone brand in 2012. That's according to a new IHS iSuppli report, which claims that Samsung will account for 29% of all smartphone shipments by the end of the year.

Apple found guilty of infringing on three MobileMedia owned patents

It looks like Apple was found guilty of patent infringement. The case is coming out of a US court in Delaware and the case called into question three patents that are held by MobileMedia. In total, it is said that MobileMedia holds about 300 patents. This case in particular goes back to 2010 and while it originally began with 14 patents, it eventually worked down to three patents.

Nokia headed to Android hints job posting

We have some potentially awesome news to share with you all this Friday afternoon. While it might be a little premature, Nokia could in fact finally be realizing they should have gone with Android -- the best mobile OS in the world. New reports are surfacing today that Nokia is looking to hire some new "principle software engineers" and many think this could finally be their arrival into the world of Android.

Android sales double from Q3 2011 to Q3 2012

A report from analysts Gartner has broken down the sales of smartphones from Q3 2012, and the numbers are rather interesting. As you would expect, Android was the best-selling OS by a sizable margin. Along with that, it also had the highest percentage of market share for Q3, and the competition was not even close.
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