NFL Fantasy Football 2011 App Now Available

I know plenty of you readers are just like me and have been sitting home wishing and hoping the NFL would just start already. The time has finally come, the lockout ended and things are starting to get back to normal. Today in the Android Market the official NFL Fantasy Football App was released and you can get it right here. Although I play plenty of Madden during the season, I find myself playing it even more during the off-season since there isn't any football to watch. I've been going big the last few weeks with excitement.

NFL Android Apps, Path to the Draft

Today is the day, and what day is that some of you android nerds might say, Draft Day 2011. Today is the NFL Draft and it should be exciting for sure. With all the drama around the NFL lockout as of late, I can only imagine this being a little different than the past few years, but teams still need to draft well and trust me they will be trying their hardest. So for those like me that are Android, and NFL nerds I've decided to post a little information to help you all follow the NFL Draft on our favorite phones.

NFL Quarterback rushes to sack Android App

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is back in the news regarding dog fighting. Only it's not what you think. Vick, who did time in the big house for animal cruelty after running an illegal dog fighting ring, is leading the charge to have an Android app banned which Vick believes glorifies the activity. Game Developers for Kage Games disagree, claiming that the "Dog Wars" app educates users on the evils of animal cruelty and that proceeds will benefit animal rescue organizations and the Japanese tsunami relief effort. They even hide behind the first amendment stating that freedom of expression protects them against what they call "prejudgment."

Free NFL Streaming from Verizon this weekend only

The NFL Mobile app for Verizon has been very popular among NFL fans. Bringing scores, news, highlights and the ability to track your favorite teams, it offers up some great on-the-go information for it's subscribers. Well now users who have not experienced all the app has to offer will get a chance, content from the application will be free this weekend!

No Skype for Verizon Galaxy Tab at launch

A leaked Verizon training guide for the Samsung Galaxy Tab has revealed that the tablet will lack Skype support at launch, together with the carrier's V Cast and NFL Mobile apps.  The news, passed on by an Engadget tipster, comes as a disappointment, considering Verizon has blocked voice call functionality on their slate. The scrap of hope is in Verizon's wording, which suggests the three apps will be absent "at launch"; that implies a subsequent release, hopefully sooner rather than later.  Verizon's version of the Galaxy Tab will go on sale come November 11, priced at $599.99 with an optional contract-free data package.

Droid X Car Dock And Accessories

Besides the Droid X being unveiled today in New York, this car dock made an appearance as well. Naturally, a device of this caliber will have a slew of accessories. Not only is this dock a multimedia cradle but it has scratch guards and it can charge the phone. This dock will cost $39.99 and will put the device in the new dashboard UI that is a new component of MotoBlur.

Motorola launches OCNN

Today Motorola launched OCNN, the Ocho Cinco News Network. You might not get the same news quality as you would with CNN but OCNN is sure to be quite entertaining. For those of you that don't know, Chad Johnson of the Cincinnati Bengals who changed his name to Ocho Cinco and is one of the most outspoken and unpredictable players in the NFL.
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