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Yahoo! Sportacular App updated with NFL draft coverage

Who's ready for the 2012 NFL Draft? Apparently Yahoo! is because they've just updated their Android Sportacular app for the draft. All the Indianapolis Colts fans are probably worried, even though they know who they'll be picking. The Redskins might win 6 games with RG3, and the Minnesota Vikings need some serious help to protect that rookie QB of theirs. More details below.

NFL Mobile app updated with Scouting Combine news and pages

As we approach March the NFL season is long gone and wont be back for a while. Seems odd that Verizon would be updating the official NFL Mobile app now, but hold on because we have good news. The season ended with the Giants winning the Super Bowl (YES!) and while we didn't get many app updates this season one is now available bringing official NFL blog news and more.

Reminder: Watch the Super Bowl live with Verizon’s NFL Mobile app

The future is now here. Welcome to 2012 where we can enjoy the Super Bowl live right from our Android smartphone. Yes we've been able to watch sports, UFC, and other things on Android thanks to Adobe Flash and other means for some time now, but Verizon will be live streaming the entire Super Bowl right to our devices.

Verizon offering “Smartphone App Pack” With NFL Premium and more for $12.99

Verizon has just kicked off a new promotion for their subscribers offering what they are calling the "Smartphone App Pack". It sounds like a pretty decent deal at first but now that I've taken a closer look I'm not too impressed. For those that don't want to use the free options like Google Maps Navigator, and Google Voice for voicemail Verizon is offering their own services together with NFL Premium for one low price.

NFL Mobile updated to support Android 4.0 — just in time for Playoffs [Update]

For all those that happily ran out and purchased a Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Verizon that quickly learned the popular NFL Mobile app exclusive to Verizon (that is free for 4G LTE phones) didn't support your device, I have some good news for you today. After reporting the app would be updated 2 weeks ago sadly that never happened but today is finally the day and Verizon has just issued an update bringing Android 4.0 support -- but there's a catch.

NFL Mobile headed to Galaxy Nexus today — Super Bowl live stream included

When I received my shiny new Galaxy Nexus from Verizon with 4G LTE I was excited to try NFL Mobile -- their awesome (and sadly exclusive) NFL app that basically is a must-have for any Football fan. Not to mention NFL Mobile premium with free live streaming of all NFL games including the Super Bowl is free for 4G LTE smartphone customers. Sadly it was not supported on the Galaxy Nexus but according to Droid-Life that should be changing today.

Super Bowl XLVI will broadcast live to Verizon’s NFL Mobile app

Welcome to the future, folks. We don't have hoverboards, flying cards or instant pizza, but we can watch live sports on pocketable devices. And come February, we'll be able to watch the biggest game of them all - assuming that the "we" in question uses Verizon and subscribes to their exclusive NFL Mobile service. It will be the first time that the Super Bowl will be officially streamed to mobile devices, a miracle of licensing negotiation as much as a technical achievement.
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