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LG Readying NFC For the European Market, Launching 2012

NFC is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years. Already popular in Japan, the technology is readying itself for mainstream adoption as companies such as Google and Apple are preparing to bring the technology to the customers. LG is currently working on this technology and stated that they will be ready for launch in 2012 to the European market. In an interview with Reuters Jin-Yong Kim, vice president for business solutions at LG's Home Entertainment division, stated LG's current plans on progress on the maturing technology:
"The point-of-sale technology, which will be targeted at small and medium-sized businesses and will involve NFC or near field communications and cloud computing, is currently in beta testing. ...The plan is to launch it in Europe in 2012."
Analysts at Frost and Sullivan expect 800 million NFC-enabled mobile phones in use by 2015 and it will be the most-used form of mobile payment. With Google's focus on the technology and promising support in upcoming operating systems, we can expect to see NFC-adoption grow significantly in markets other than Japan. [Via Reuters]

Nexus S Able to Write NFC Tags (as well as read them)

So you might very well know that the NFC revolution is really ramping up as of late in the Android world. You might also know that Google's Nexus S handset, out already right this moment, has NFC tag reading capabilities, this before there's extensive compatibility available in the world of apps and consumerism. What you might NOT know is that the Nexus S can WRITE NFC tags just as well as it can read them.

Samsung’s Galaxy S2 to have dual-core Orion CPU, 8MP camera, NFC & more?

Further details on Samsung's incoming replacement to the Galaxy S, the colloquially named Samsung Galaxy S2, continue to emerge ahead of the smartphone's expected launch at MWC 2011 next month. According to Korean site NocutNews, the Galaxy S2 - internally codenamed "Seine" - will use Samsung's dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 "Orion" processor and run Android 2.3 Gingerbread with 1GB of RAM. There's also supposedly a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display running at WVGA resolution, an 8-megapixel rear camera with 1080p HD video recording, and NFC, all in a smartphone tipped to be just 9mm thick. That fits in broadly with previous rumors, certainly, and leaves us particularly excited for Samsung's MWC 2011 press event on February 13. [via SmartDroid]

LG Pecan to be NFC Phone Launched at Mobile World Congress 2011

Two Korean publications, PlusNews and Etnews are suggesting that LG is planning to release a $200 (USD) mass market phone that's got built-in NFC (Near Field Communication) capabilities and goes by the name of LG Pecan. Cute! A strange turn in both stories is that this phone will be running Android 2.2, which, as you know, does not include native support for NFC. On the other hand, both publications say they do have a direct line to LG - which I don't think is too far out of reality to be true, so let's listen in!

Google Looking to Hire a Tech Account Manager with NFC experience

One of the major features of Google’s Android Gingerbread was its inclusion of NFC technology. Google fully expects NFC to be the new way to make purchases and are quickly moving resources into the technology. This time they are looking to hire a Technical Account Manager who is familiar with Near Field Communication. The listing asks for the applicant to have: "At least 5 years of hands-on experience in Internet products and technologies, and knowledge of one or more of the following: NFC/RFID technologies, different chipset ISO specifications, integration with POS readers & systems and payment processing, technical implementation of merchant loyalty, coupon or incentive programs." Also worth mention, the first NFC apps are already appearing in the Android Market. One of them is Japanese, which is not surprising considering how fond Japan is to the technology. Others include Taglet, and Enable Table which are contact sharing and restaurant bill pay NFC apps respectively. We can fully expect the see a lot of NFC as Google has even been in talks with PayPal which would be huge for both company’s to offer NFC solutions. 
 [Via PhoneArena]

Samsung Galaxy S2 to have 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus & NFC tips report

Further details on Samsung's Android smartphone plans for MWC 2011 next month continue to drip out, with a new Korean report confirming screen size and NFC support for the Galaxy S successor. According to Etnews, the unnamed Samsung smartphone - dubbed by some as the Samsung Galaxy S2 - will use a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display, smaller than the 4.5-inch panel in the Samsung Infuse 4G. Meanwhile the Galaxy S2 will also have NFC support, as in the Samsung-made Nexus S. Yester, word broke that Samsung was intending to use a dual-core processor for the new handset, as well as launch new Galaxy Tab tablets at the Barcelona show. [via OLED-Display]

Android NFC e-wallet service could launch in 2011 tip Google insiders

Google's wireless payment system could launch sometime in 2011, according to two sources supposedly familiar with the search giant's plans, using NFC functionality integrated into Android devices like the Nexus S. BusinessWeek reports that the system will likely use e-wallet technology acquired in the Zetawire buy-out last year, turning NFC-enabled smartphones into credit card replacements. [via SlashGear]

Samsung Galaxy S2 confirmed for MWC 2011 claim reports

Samsung has apparently confirmed that it will debut the successor to the best-selling Galaxy S at Mobile World Congress in February 2011. According to Korean news site The Chosun Ilbo, Samsung has officially acknowledged that the so-far unnamed smartphone will launch at MWC, though has stopped short of confirming specifications for the handset. However, it's expected to run Android 2.3 Gingerbread and include NFC wireless, as with the Samsung-made Nexus S. Samsung is also expected to slot a dual-core processor into the Galaxy S2, rather than the Galaxy S's single-core 1GHz Hummingbird chip, together with a gyroscope. [via Samsung Hub]

Google acquire NFC startup Zetawire for mobile wallet ambitions

Google's NFC intentions are gradually being fleshed out, with the news that the company has acquired Canadian start-up Zetawire to their acquisitions portfolio. Zetawire was yet to announce its launch plans, but according to a patent filing would specialise in mobile banking, advertising, identity management, credit card and mobile coupon transaction processing using NFC. That opens up the possibility for NFC-enabled devices - such as the Google Nexus S - to be used to make wireless payments; Zetawire had also trademarked the name "Walleto", presumably the brand their system was intended to launch under.

Google NFC Hotpot stickers will pull Places into your Gingerbread phone

Google has revealed the first stage of its plans to promote NFC, as found in the Nexus S and support for which has been added in Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The search giant will be leveraging its new Hotpot mobile review system with NFC-enabled window stickers for businesses to display, part of new Google Places Business Kits. The kits will have various leaflets and guides suggesting how businesses can increase the number of reviews they have online, but most interestingly they'll have an NFC sticker to display by the door. Touching a Nexus S - or another NFC-enabled phone running 2.3, once they're more common - to the sticker will send business information to the handset. Google will kick things off with a trial in Portland, Oregon.
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