Nexus 6P’s sample photos, slowmo video shown off by Google execs

Excited to take your new Nexus 6P for a spin? You may not easily get your hands on one but Google Android's VP Engineering Dave Burke posted some sample photos captured using the latest flagship. He shared on Twitter the impressive results of his colleague Romain Guy's (@romainguy) test drive. According to Guy, some photos where edited on the default editor to increase brightness. Some built-in filters were also used when asked if any filters or processing were done on the images.

Leaked slides confirm Nexus 6P details: 3450mAh batt, sleek metal unibody, etc.

This week, we'll finally get to see the two new Nexus phones and probably the new Chromecast. Of the two Nexus devices, we're more excited to see the Huawei-made model because it's the first from a Chinese phone maker. This is considered as one of the many ways that Google is doing to strengthen its brand in the country. We've heard numerous rumors already including those leaked photos of colorful units, the Huawei Nexus might be called the 6P, and the Nexus 6P could have a 128GB option.

Leaked pictures show possible colors of upcoming Huawei Nexus

As the September 29 Google event draws near, expectations as to what will be announced then is getting higher. While we’re expecting an Android Marshmallow preview (given that "tasty treats and much s’more” is the tagline), there isn’t any confirmation yet as to what the other treats will be. But common consensus is that the new generation of Nexus devices will be unveiled, including two new smartphones, one from LG and one from Huawei. Leaked photos now show that the Huawei Nexus will come in four colors.

Nexus phones might be known as 5X and 6P, Huawei Nexus to have 128GB option

Now that the September 29 Google event has been confirmed, all we need to do is wait for D-Day. That and maybe hear more speculations and spread rumors that could be true like the two new Nexus phones' names. We're hoping that the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P will be called as such because they're easier to remember. The 5X we already heard is the one from LG so the 6P is obviously from Huawei.

New Nexus phones and much s’mores launching this September 29

September 29 is approaching soon and we're certain that Google is holding a special event to reveal new products. A press invite has been sent out already, inviting the media to join the company for some "tasty treats and much s'more". That obviously means the Android Marshmallow will be previewed, new products will be unveiled, and probably some s'mores will be served.
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