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Android Community Weekly: April 8th, 2012

It's been a surprisingly big week for Android, considering there were no major media shows. The beginning of the official sales for HTC's One family, an exciting concept from Google themselves, and all manner of software updates and rumor greeted the dedicated Android aficionado. If you've been busy in the week leading up to Easter or Passover, why not take this opportunity to come down from your Marshmallow Peep high and take in the recent happenings?

Rumored Nexus Tablet pushed back to July – don’t call it a delay

The Internet is abuzz with the latest rumors surrounding Google's first-party Android tablet, namely that it won't be here as soon as many had hoped. Despite rumors that the "Nexus Tablet" could begin production as soon as April and go on sale in May, anonymous sources now claim that the device has been pushed back for a July release. The reasoning? They're doing some tweaks to the internal hardware - which, by the way, is still a complete unknown - to lower the price. The tablet was already expected to retail for $200 or less to compete with the popular reader-tablets on the market right now.

Possible (but unlikely) Nexus Tablet render leaks [UPDATE]

Stop the presses! there's a JPEG floating around in the same vicinity as the words "Nexus" and "Tablet"! Everybody commence hooting and/or hollering! PocketNow has posted a photo of what's purported to be the much-anticipated "Nexus Tablet", rumored for months and expected to come sometime this summer from manufacturer ASUS. The photo shows a generic Ice Cream Sandwich tablet from all angles except the back, with only official ICS anf Google apps displayed on the stock launcher. In addition to the standard buttons and an ASUS/Samsung-style tablet port, there's a MicroUSB port, standard USB port, SIM card slot and what looks like a full-sized SD card slot.

Android Community Weekly: April 1st, 2012

Welcome to April, Android fans. And before you ask, no, we're not doing any April Fool's stories here on Android Community - for news outlets, there's just too many nice but somewhat unguarded people who might believe us. But if you want the rundown on some of the funniest April Fool's pranks pulled by tech industry folks, head on over to our sister site SlashGear. Now, let's take a look at the big happenings in the world of Android this week.

Wall Street Journal says Google will sell its own tablets this year

It's been a while since we heard from the Nexus Tablet rumor mill, but it looks like its just been restarted by one of the most respected financial reporting firms around. The Wall Street Journal says (in its familiar and maddeningly vague way) that Google will be selling a tablet of its own design and branding later in 2012. Of course the WSJ didn't reveal any of its sources, and they seem to know about as much as we do at this point - i.e., that there's nothing official on deck at all, and ASUS is thought to be the most likely candidate for the device's manufacturer.

Insider claims ASUS MeMO 370T is cancelled, rebranded the Nexus Tablet

The rolling ball of speculation and rumor that is the Nexus Tablet keeps going. This time the perpetrator is Android and Me, who quotes a "supply chain source" reaffirming previous rumors that ASUS is the manufacturer of choice this time around. There's a twist in the story, though: the source claims that the much-anticipated ASUS MeMO 370T Tegra 3 7-inch tablet showed off at CES is no more, and has been scrapped in favor of the Nexus Tablet or whatever it's being called this week. The price target is reportedly $150-200, something that just about anybody (except maybe Apple) can get excited about.

More Nexus Tablet rumors – Made by Asus, releasing in May for $250

It looks like we've got a bona-fide goose chase on our hands. On the subject of the often-rumored Nexus Tablet, we'd already heard tell that it'd be made by Asus, manufactured in April, use the popular 7-inch form factor/$200 price tag, and that it would be dubbed the "Google Play". The last one might just be flat-out wrong, considering Google's latest content moves, but supply-side informant DigiTimes corroborates the rest, and says that the Google-Asus tablet will go on sale in May for a price between $200 and $250 USD.

Rumor: Asus to make the Google Play or Nexus tablet

Hardcore Android fans love the Nexus line, but there hasn't been any tablet equivalent of the pure Google experience since the original Motorola XOOM came out almost a year ago. However, Asus' well-received Transformer tablets have come close, with nearly stock versions of Honeycomb (and now Ice Cream Sandwich on the Transformer Prime and the new tablets from Mobile World Congress). That being the case, rumors out of AndroidandMe that Asus will build the Nexus tablet, AKA the "Google Play", are encouraging.

Domain buys indicate Google’s Nexus tablet could be called “Google Play”

Evidence of an Android tablet commissioned by Google, Nexus-style, continues to mount - if you're not particularly picky about how you get your evidence. The latest comes from a series of domain registrations traced back to Google, all of which include the term "Google Play" or some derivation thereof. The scuttlebutt is that this indicates Google's first-party tablet, currently expected to be a low-cost 7-inch Kindle Fire fighter, could come to market under this name.

More Nexus Tablet rumors: 7-inch model starts production in April

Here's an idea that just won't die. After Eric Schmidt's off-the-cuff comments about bringing "a tablet of the highest quality" to market sometime this year, the idea of a Nexus Tablet seems to orbit around Planet Android and come back every six weeks or so. This time it's from analyst Richard Shim predicts that Google will produce a first-party device running Ice Cream Sandwich in April. In this version of the tale, Google is going after the more successful low end of the Android tablet market with a 7-inch model priced at around $200, to compete with the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet.
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