Nexus S

Nexus S VERY POSSIBLY Codename Samsung GT-i9020 [Plus: Hands On!]

Using the following links and files as proof, (all of this provided by our fine friends over at Engadget, aka the super sleuths of the internet world,) Picasa (1), (2), FCC, Wi-Fi Alliance, a quick search on Flickr and Picasa have revealed a rather interesting set of circumstances: pictures taken with a "Nexus S" on those sites have revealed some 5-megapixel results. Also, users in those albums have been using a Samsung handset by the model name of GT-i9020 just days before those suspicious photos were taken. Perhaps a recent firmware update changing the EXIF data from the code name to the actual name, that being Nexus S? That sounds reasonable to me.

Nexus S mentioned briefly on Best Buy’s website [Update: Photo!]

Rumors have been quite actively lately regarding the upcoming Google Nexus S. We have heard rumors go back and forth regarding it's existence and Samsung even "confirming" that they were not working on such project. We all believe it's real, the Nexus One is arguably one of the best Android devices on the market with impressive hardware and Google's dedicated support. Well all good things come to an end, and it is becoming a little outdated. Enter the Nexus S which was revealed by Best Buy's website this morning.

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