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Nexus S Update Available Now, Bringing in Bug Fixes and Map Update

Just under a week after its launch, it seems the Nexus S has been pushed an OTA update. XDA member, rocketragz, just noticed the update and it said it included bug fixes as well as a map update. The original thread over at XDA is all over the place. There have been reports of receiving it on the East and West coasts as well as being pegged as build# GRH78 - Android 2.3.1. GRH78 - Android 2.3.1:
  • 1.9Mb file stating Bug fixes and Maps fixes
  • Browser lag appears to be fixed
  • Blurry MMS fix [?]
  • Bug Fixes
As with all OTA updates, it may take some time for you to be pushed the download. Have any of you noticed an update ready for download for the Nexus S? Have you noticed any significant changes? Let us know in the comment section below!

Nexus S DIY soft-touch battery cover mod is finger-friendly

If the glossy, fingerprint-collecting back panel of your new Nexus S is getting you down, you could always do worse than a DIY soft-touch alternative. xda-developers member mhaedo took matters into his own hands and used a few coats of Plasti Dip to make it more grip-friendly. After masking off the camera window and the NFC antenna, he gave it four coats inside and out (so as to avoid any peeling edges in future) and ended up with something debranded and a whole lot more tactile. Best thing is, it should simply peel off when you're tired of it, so you can sell the phone on afterwards. [gallery] [via TheGadgets]

Android tips & tricks list released for 2.3 Gingerbread

Google has released a list of tips and tricks for Android devices, particularly useful for those buyers picking up a new Nexus S ahead of the holidays. The list includes old favorites like mobile hotspot functionality but also some newer text-entry tricks; for instance, the space-bar lights up in 2.3 when the phone can auto-complete your word. Many of these will be well-known - especially if you've read our Google Nexus S review - but there might be one or two tricks you've not spotted. Plus, Google has put together a list of apps that every new Android owner should be downloading.

Nexus S on sale in UK now

As promised, Google's Nexus S has gone up for sale in the UK today, with the Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphone now available to order online and in Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy stores. Priced at £429.99 for the SIM-free model or free on £30 agreements or above, the Samsung-made Nexus S packs the latest version of Android, a 4-inch WVGA Super AMOLED display and NFC wireless. Carphone Warehouse will either send online Nexus S orders to your home or to a store of your choosing; if you're hoping to score one in-store, it's worth calling ahead first - only "key" Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy locations will have stock, and as far as we can tell there's no official list of which those are. More info on the Nexus S in the full Android Community review.

Root Your Nexus S Easily With Superboot

The Nexus S is now publicly available and what better way to celebrate Google's own stance on "openness" than rooting the device. Usually a tedious process, rooting the Nexus S will not be the challenge you would expect, all thanks to Superboot.

UK Nexus S launch now Dec 22 as £429.99 price cut confirmed

The price cut for Google's Nexus S spotted over the weekend has been officially confirmed, but UK retailers The Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy won't have stock of the smartphone today, as originally promised. Instead, the Android 2.3 Gingerbread handset will arrive on Wednesday, December 22 2010, with limited availability in "key" Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy stores. As well as the £429.99 SIM-free price - which has also been extended to pre-pay deals - the Nexus S will be available from free on new, £30 per month contract agreements. More details on the Nexus S in the full Android Community review. [via SlashGear] Google Nexus S unboxing & walkthrough: [vms 8eb2e219dce49e64c885] Press Release:
Nexus S From Google Now Available from £429.99, free from £30/month The Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy are today announcing that the Nexus S Smartphone from Google will arrive in the UK in time for Christmas at a great new price. From 22nd December 2010, the only Smartphone running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) will be available to buy from The Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy. Due to strong customer interest, limited stock will be available to buy direct at key Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy stores in the UK. All other branches of The Carphone Warehouse will be taking orders via instant ship delivery which will allow customers to pick up the phone from any store at their convenience. Customers can also order online at and For those looking to upgrade, the Nexus S from Google will be available via direct sales on 0800 925 925. Nexus S will be available from free with a £30/month contract, or on PAYG for £429.99 plus £10 minimum top up with O2, Orange, Vodafone and T-Mobile. In addition, the Nexus S Smartphone from Google will be available SIM free for £429.99.

UK Nexus S pre-order cut to £429.99

UK retailer Carphone Warehouse has dropped the price of the SIM-free Google Nexus S. The Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphone went up for pre-order in the UK back on December 13, with the off-contract Nexus S priced at £549.95; now, the Nexus S has been slashed to £429.99. That's just under £120 cut from the smartphone before it's even begun shipping, and makes the Nexus S a far more tempting prospect. For more on the Nexus S, check out our full review here on Android Community. [Thanks to everybody who sent this in!]

Nexus S Gets Torn Apart by iFixit

The next "Google Phone" is quite the impressive device, we have gotten our hands on the phone and it has proven to be a great upgrade from many devices hardware wise, and software wise you can't beat Gingerbread. If you are the curious type and want to see what the internal of the Samsung Nexus S are like, iFixit has you covered with a full tear down.
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