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Samsung Galaxy S II Family Portrait Leaks, No Verizon in Sight

While the Samsung details and rumors keep on flooding in the past few days we now have what appears to be an official Samsung Galaxy S II line-up photo that was leaked. What do you know, no Verizon is shown here either. Some are calling this a "family portrait" of the main three carriers to receive the Galaxy S II here in the US. Looks like Verizon either made a bad choice to not carry it, or has something better on the way.

Samsung Nexus Prime Confirmed Twice Today

Every once in a while there's a day when a device you've been waiting for for what seems like an eternity (since the last Nexus device came out, even,) where you get a dash of sand in the face. Today is that day, and it's happening twice. It's as if Samsung is saying - look, not only do we have this ultimately awesome device coming out, we're going to confirm that fact two times today, both times in completely separate manners and both times without so much as a peep as to what this device's specifications are really going to be. Harsh!

Samsung Nexus Prime hanging out at Verizon HQ?

Some new developments on the Nexus Prime are appearing again today. If the tips are to be believed the Samsung Nexus Prime may end up being the first Nexus device over at Verizon Wireless. While this would be amazing news and make plenty of people happy all we are hearing is that Samsung is shopping the phone around at Verizon Wireless HQ trying to get them to take a bite.
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