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Android Community Weekly: October 1, 2011

Welcome back to the 20th issue of Android Community Weekly! We finally have have a quick video demonstration of Android 2.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) in action, Amazon has realized an amazingly affordable tablet, and more devices continue to emerge before this holiday season. T-Mobile recently announced their version of the Galaxy S II to launch October 10th for $229. Though, more expensive than the Galaxy S II Epic Touch 4G on the "Now" network, it hopefully ships without many of the Epic Touch overheating problems.

Google Nexus Prime concept design looks amazing, and accurate

We have another awesome concept design by Federico Ciccarese and this time it is of the much rumored Google Nexus 3. Also known as the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus Prime, DROID Prime or whatever else you wanna call this Samsung Nexus device. This isn't the first time we've seen his stunning work, but with all the hype surrounding the next Google Experience device this was too awesome to pass up. Check out the photos of his amazing Nexus 3 concept design below.

Samsung GT-I9250 Nexus Prime sees Bluetooth certification

We've got a massive amount of news and rumors surrounding the upcoming Google hero phone made by Samsung, the following bit of content falling in the first category. What we've got here is a Bluetooth certification for device GT-I9250, one thus far tied only to the name Nexus Prime. Samsung has quite the firestorm started here around what we're expecting will be the hero device for Android Ice Cream Sandwich, each news bit adding to what must soon be a legendary device indeed.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus coming before the DROID Prime

I almost don't even know where to start. We've heard so many rumors regarding this upcoming device lately that things are starting to get a bit out of hand. First off, we are now hearing the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will launch come November 3rd, on Verizon Wireless. They are known for launching devices on Thursday so this could be somewhat accurate. New rumors are also claiming the Galaxy Nexus will come first, and will not be the DROID Prime, more details after the break.

Android Ice Cream Sandwich Confirmed by NI for October

It's difficult to take the folks at Notion Ink seriously after all we've heard from them, confirmations that turned out flat, a device whose insides certainly did not end up pretty, and stories of them leaving their customers in the dark the moment their device was shipped and the money was in the bank. Oh the other hand, they haven't disappeared completely quite yet, and Rohan Shravan, their face, has a bit to say about Ice Cream Sandwich that may end up being dipped in truth sauce when it comes down to it. The key sentence: "Official (“update button”) Ice Cream Sandwich update in November after Google’s launch in late Oct". Did Shravan just leak the launch date of the next Android treat?

Samsung Galaxy S III and Nexus Prime rumors run wild

I know we all love leaks and rumors but sometimes a few appear that just make me laugh. While the details and information I'm about to pass along below very well could be true and accurate, lets just say take all of this with an extremely large grain of salt. According to some details from the world of 4Chan we have some more information on not only the Samsung Nexus Prime, but also the upcoming Galaxy S III.

Nexus Prime Support Page up and in shambles at Samsung, specs attached

As I noted yesterday when we got word of a code hidden at Samsung's mobile webspace, the Nexus line is one that, when you get any new information on it at ALL, you've gotta report it. You NEED to report it because when it comes to Android, there's basically nothing more exciting for those who love purity than a Google-certified vanilla flavoring of a version of Android OS, and in this case, it means the launching of the next big platform, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. What we've got today is a rather preliminary looking support page for the device aka GT-I9250, this being otherwise known as the Nexus Prime.

Nexus Prime Confirmed again via Unlisted Samsung Code

When it comes to leaked information about Android devices, the name Nexus (or Nexus Prime in this case) ranks up there with ravenous hoards of Android-based automatons bent on the destruction of the human race - and Nexus isn't going to kill you, so that's saying something! What we've got today is another leak of information from Samsung on their upcoming device very likely called the Nexus Prime. What this magical mystical future device is said to be holding is the first and most vanilla flavored Ice Cream Sandwich of them all, and today Samsung has been discovered to be hosting a webpage that all but confirms the handset's existence.
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