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Android Developers YouTube Channel Confirms Ice Cream Sandwich Launch

Well folks, would you look at this. The official Android Developers YouTube channel has now confirmed we will see Android 2.4 (or 4.0) Ice Cream Sandwich detailed at the CTIA Samsung Unpacked event next week. While this isn't a big surprise seeing it from the official channel makes it even more official. We will be seeing the next Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich next week, and we'll be there live to bring you all the details.

New Nexus Prime mockup is beautifully speculative

Are you sick of Nexus Prime/Galaxy Nexus leaks and mockups? Well friend, you're probably on the wrong website. An anonymous Tumblr user extrapolated from the early Nexus Prime render, which was itself taken from the Samsung Unbox Teaser video, to get the beautiful bit of fantasy you see here. While of course this is about as unofficial as you can get, it matches up with both Samsung's teaser and the supposed first wild photos of Google's next superphone.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Rumors running wild, notification LED’s, big batteries, more

So, we all know the new Samsung Nexus is coming, I'm calling it the Galaxy Nexus but you can call it whatever you'd like. To start I'll mention that we will be live at Samsung Unpacked for the event next week that everyone expects Google and Samsung to unveil this, so stay tuned as we'll have all the accurate details right from the source as soon as humanly possible -- with tons of pictures. Some specs were leaked this morning stating a 5 MP camera and a few other things but now we are seeing plenty of rumors and conflicting stories and just wanted to update and share what we've seen.

Samsung Nexus Prime specs leaked, Verizon only in the US

The Nexus Prime leaks are coming fast and furious on the lead-up to Samsung's Mobile Unbox event on Tuesday. BGR has a source that lays out all of the juicy details on Google's next developer phone, including that it will be exclusive to Verizon Wireless in the United States. The details line up with what we've seen rumored over the last few weeks, except that the source claims the official name for the phone is the "Galaxy Nexus".

Samsung Nexus Prime hitting Verizon October 27th [Rumor]

Word on the street is the Samsung Nexus will be launching on Verizon Wireless come October 27th. Since we still don't have an official name I'll just start calling it the Samsung Nexus instead of Galaxy, Prime, DROID, and all that other jazz. With all the recent rumors and teaser videos this just might end up being accurate but for now we'll chalk this up as a rumor and keep on dreaming.

Samsung teases Nexus Prime in new video

Oh Samsung, you temptress. The rumored builder of Google's next developer phone, the Nexus Prime, just posted this YouTube video featuring 27 seconds of boring and three seconds of jaw-dropping wow. At the end of the ad is what appears to be a profile view of the upcoming superphone, just before a plug for Samsung's Mobile Unpacked event at CTIA.
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