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Samsung executive confirms Nexus Prime is releasing soon

Samsung's United Kingdom sales director Andrew Glass was on hand at the T3 gadget awards to accept the award for Phone of the Year on behalf on the Galaxy S II. While there, he let slip some fascinating information, confirming the Nexus Prime handset (and its much-argued name) and that the device would be "coming sooner than you think." This lines up nicely with an announcement expected in the next 2-3 weeks.

Nexus Prime / Ice Cream Sandwich wallpapers leak – get ’em here!

In the latest in a long, long, long line of Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich leaks, the default wallpapers for the new phone and operating system have found their way online. Thank the boys at My Droid World forums for putting out an app with the new wallpapers. If you're not keen on a new app just to display some shiny JPEGs, we've extracted them all and posted them in a gallery below - no install necessary.

Nexus Prime’s extra screen space is for Android navigation buttons

A consistent part of the ever-changing Samsung Nexus Prime/Galaxy Nexus rumors is its eye-popping 4.65-inch, 1280 x 720 display. If you're the kind of Android user whose small digits quaver at a screen that size, fear not: a reddit user going by the name of "thantik" has drawn up a quick schematic illustrating the need for an extra .35-inches. The bonus space may be reserved for Android's navigation buttons, which will soon be migrating to the phone screen.

Nexus Prime hits the FCC with AT&T and T-Mobile bands

What exclusive? Thanks to a forum tipster, we now know that the Samsung GT-I9250, which is thought to be the Nexus Prime, is passing through the FCC's wireless certification process. What's confusing about it is that this particular model features a GSM radio with wireless bands for both AT&T and T-Mobile. According to all the leaks and rumors heard thus far, the Nexus Prime was supposed to be a Verizon exclusive  - that was thought to be part of the reason the carrier was the only one in the United States to pass up on the Samsung Galaxy S II.

Ice Cream Sandwich Google+ 2.0 and new Google Music 4.0 Apps revealed [Download]

Today we've seen plenty news regarding the Samsung Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich. It appears a few are out in the wild and the leaks are finally starting to flood in so prepare for a few crazy days. Obviously there will be tons of changes and new apps, features in Google's Ice Cream Sandwich but a few that are already leaking have just hit the wires. We have a new Google+ application, version 2.0, with a few changes, then a brand new Google Music app too. More details and download links below.

Rumor: Samsung and Google’s Nexus Prime event rescheduled for October 27 [UPDATED]

Android enthusiasts the world over got a nasty shock this morning when they learned that the Samsung Unbox event, long rumored to unveil the Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich, had been booted out of CTIA on October the 11th. According to an anonymous source from The Next Web, that event has been moved back to October 27th, possibly set at a London venue. At the time of writing, there is no confirmation from either Samsung or Google.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus/Nexus Prime spy video surfaces

Of all the Android smartphones that are coming one of the most interesting of them all is the Nexus Prime or Galaxy Nexus. One of the most interesting things about the coming smartphone is that it is said to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and the official launch of the device is expected for next week. Ahead of that official launch, we have some new spy shots and the smartphone has now turned up on video for us to lust over.
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