Nexus One

Google Nexus One receiving Android 2.3.6 Update

Google has gone ahead and pressed the big green "Go" button for another update to the beloved Nexus One. According to details the Google Nexus One "superphone" as they originally called it, is now getting an OTA update to Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. This is pure vanilla Android right here, with some Gingerbread cookies of course. Apparently this has a few bug fixes like the Voice control issue that also plagued the Nexus S.

Nexus Prime Confirmed again via Unlisted Samsung Code

When it comes to leaked information about Android devices, the name Nexus (or Nexus Prime in this case) ranks up there with ravenous hoards of Android-based automatons bent on the destruction of the human race - and Nexus isn't going to kill you, so that's saying something! What we've got today is another leak of information from Samsung on their upcoming device very likely called the Nexus Prime. What this magical mystical future device is said to be holding is the first and most vanilla flavored Ice Cream Sandwich of them all, and today Samsung has been discovered to be hosting a webpage that all but confirms the handset's existence.

Motorola Remains Independent, No Necessary Nexus in Future

While Google's purchase of the Motorola group may mean many things for Google, especially along the lines of patents, Motorola will, if Andy Rubin and Motorola's Sanjay Jha are to be trusted, still act as a separate company. In addition, Rubin has doubly assured the Android public that the next Nexus device coming from Google will not necessarily be a Motorola device, and that Motorola "will be part of that bidding process" but will not necessarily be a certain lock-in.

CyanogenMod 7 running strong, Installed on over 200,000 devices

For those that may not be keeping score of our favorite ROM developers CyanogenMod, I have been watching for you and I can now say it looks like they have hit a pretty large milestone. 200,000 users running CyanogenMod 7. That is extremely impressive for the guys from TD. This all started back on the G1 and has grown into something larger than any of them had ever expected. This is only for CyanogenMod 7, this doesn't count users that for some reason may still be on CM6, or even CM5 from the good ol days.

Google Nexus One gets new Gingerbread update

Google is in the process of updating the Nexus One over the air with Gingerbread Android 2.3.4. The update doesn't have everything other 2.3.4 users will enjoy, however. Since the Nexus One has no forward facing video camera, Video Chat over Google Talk, which we reported here, is unavailable. But there's other noticeable tweaks including bug fixes for phone shut downs, WiFi connectivity, GPS accuracy, and battery life. Users can wait until the update reaches them, or they can do a manual update. Here's how ...

Cyanogen Gingerbread Mod adds Droid support with bug fixes

A new update of Cyanogen 7 has been released, fixing a few bugs, adding a few new features, and bringing Gingerbread to the Motorola Droid. The new release, CM7.0.2, offers a built in theme engine, GPS fixes, a fix to the proximity and light sensor, as well as tablet and notification tweaks. The release comes fresh on the heels of 7.0.1 which was announced at the beginning of the month. But users complained of several bugs and the mod was prompted pulled and polished to get it ready for prime time.

CyanogenMod 7 Stable build finished, Get some Now!

The time has come yet again, don't get to excited because the TD servers are getting hammmmmered. That is the sound of hundreds of thousands of people all downloading CyanogenMod 7 for their Android device of choice. CM is now on over 30 devices so there is plenty of happy people around tonight.

Prepping your video for your 10-inch Android tablet

The Motorola Xoom, for those that have one, you love it right. I know I do. I'm always showing people how fancy it is and all the cool things I can do. How amazingly easy Multi-tasking is with the panel chooser on the bottom. Even my iPad friends were like, wow that was easy. (One shouldn't have many iPad owning friends, they are bad for you). The other thing I'm always showing is just how amazing movies and tv shows look on the Xoom. Full 16:10 aspect ratio for a Full-screen movie sure is nice.
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