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Did Google just show us the new Nexus 7?

Today Google shared some news and details about their ever expanding Street View project. Taking their cameras and eye-level views through parts of New York City that most might never be able to visit. Things like Central Park and the 9/11 Memorial. While we don't want to take anything away from them for that, we did notice an interesting device in their video.

HTC and NASA confirm Nexus One is headed to space in 2013

HTC and NASA have teamed up to launch a few of their powerful smartphones into the outer depths of space. This certainly isn't the first time we've talked about this. Back in 2010 NASA sent the Nexus One to the outer edges of the atmosphere and recorded it all, and we've even seen the Nexus S do similar tasks. Today however HTC is confirming a few details on their aging smartphone making its way to space.

NASA PhoneSat sending Nexus One, Nexus S into space

It's been a big summer for NASA. A few weeks back, it landed the Curiosity rover on the surface Mars, and it announced earlier this week that we'll be going back to Mars in 2016 - this time to find out how the Red Planet evolved. But NASA's upcoming plans don't all have something to do with Mars as some of them, like PhoneSat, will be playing out much closer to home.

Nexus One gets an Ice Cream Sandwich port via CyanogenMod

You knew this was coming, but admit it: it's nice to see anyway. The broohaha around the upcoming CyanogenMod 9, built from Ice Cream Sandwich's source code and then tweaked like a five-year-old with an unlimited supply of Legos and no instructions, is reaching a fever pitch. Dozens of supported devices are getting early alpha and beta ports, but perhaps none are so welcome as HTC's Nexus One, the original Google Phone.

No official Ice Cream Sandwich for Nexus One

Well, it looks like the venerable Nexus One has finally reached the end of its software cycle - officially, at least. When asked whether or not the original Nexus would be seeing an upgrade to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, Google responded that the phone's hardware was simply too old to handle the update. The oldest developer phone to get Ice Cream Sandwich will be the Nexus S, released twelve months after the original Nexus One.

Ice Cream Sandwich SDK port running on the Nexus One [Video]

When Google finally releases the SDK for any Android version the ports usually follow very quickly. Just like we assumed, we are already starting to see some Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich ports hitting devices. We spotted a few yesterday and this afternoon we have a video demo of Android 4.0 running on the famous Google Nexus One. Being a port hacked together from the Android 4.0 SDK available now, it has a few bugs but so far looks very promising and I might have to dust off my old Nexi and give it a try.

Qbo Robot acts as a teleconference device on Android

Check out this little robot from The Corpora named Qbo, controlled by Android it hears and sees everything and will in return send back all the information to you. Head to the office without leaving your home, attend a meeting while sitting at a coffee shop or laying by the pool. All this is possible with this unique product currently being developed by the robot company The Corpora. We have a neat video demonstration and more after the break.
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