Nexus 5

  • Nexus 5 bumper case and LG QuickCover detailed

    A few accessories landed in the Play Store along with the Nexus 5. There are two case options. The first is a flip cover and the second is a bumper case. The catch is, while both options are listed in the Play Store at the moment

    October 31, 2013 • Views: 526

  • Nexus 5 gets an official unveil

    With a quiet refresh of the Google Play Store, the devices page has added a banner introducing the Nexus 5. Given the lengthy stream of rumors and leaks, most of these details will be of little surprise. That being said, the

    October 31, 2013 • Views: 241

  • Nexus 5 and Android 4.4 showcased in more leaked images

    The Nexus 5 is in the wild, that much we’re certain of. Yesterday we told you a bit about one lucky Twitter user who had his already, and today brings more of the same. Even if for a brief moment, Redditor throwawaynexus5guy

    October 31, 2013 • Views: 110

  • Nexus 5 leaks continue as Play Store arrival deemed a trick

    The 8AM PST time witching hour has come and gone. For now, it looks like the Nexus 5 quietly launching in the Play Store on Halloween was more trick than treat, but that isn't to say the coverage will be stopping. In fact, it

    October 31, 2013 • Views: 169

  • Nexus 5 image leak reveals the inner workings

    October 31 has arrived and while we have yet to hear anything from Google on the Nexus 5, that doesn't mean the leaks will be quieting down any. In fact, some new images have recently surfaced. And nicely, this time around we are

    October 31, 2013 • Views: 163

  • T-Mobile Nexus 5 could launch same day as Play Store

    Much like the launch of the Nexus 4, T-Mobile may carry the Nexus 5 the same day it’s launched via the Play Store. According to one Redditor, their local store is confident they’ll have the device. When prompted, the store

    October 30, 2013 • Views: 364

  • Nexus 5 images surface in apparent dummy form

    It seems another series of Nexus 5 images have surfaced, though, this time around the images appear to be of some dummy units. This latest round includes four five images (and growing) in total and while it is hard to say 100%

    October 30, 2013 • Views: 240

  • Google Nexus 5 spotted in Taiwan NCC filing

    Earlier this morning it was an unboxing image out of Ireland and now it looks like we have a Nexus 5 sighting coming out of Taiwan. This latest doesn't appear to be a final model, but instead an earlier prototype model. That

    October 30, 2013 • Views: 186

  • Nexus 5 unboxing image surfaces

    Still no official word from Google, however judging from the recent rash of retail inventory leaks, it looks like the prep work is being done for a soon to be launch. Rumor has it that Google will be announcing the Nexus 5 along

    October 30, 2013 • Views: 303

  • KitKat Android video shows just how magical the hype is

    KitKat, in their ever-evolving attempt to drive Android fans into sheer madness, have released a video today. This video depicts two Androids, one of which is a magician, and teases the other with his tricks. Sound familiar?

    October 29, 2013 • Views: 153