Google Play Movies, Newsstand (paid) rolls out in more countries

While all countries where Android devices are present have Google Play Store available as well, paid content is not accessible to all these countries. But Google is doing their best to slowly expand their reach, working out the kinks and issues that prevent them from making paid content like Music, Movies, Books, etc available in all territories. Yesterday, they announced that three more countries are getting Google Play Movies while four new countries will be able to buy paid content on Google Newsstand.

Paid content on Google Play Newsstand now in four more countries 

Google Play Newsstand may not be the most popular of Google products, but still, news of updates or additional countries that can access it is still worth noting. Today, the news is that people living in the Philippines, Poland, Taiwan, and Ukraine will now be able to access paid content on the Newsstand, like magazines, newspapers, etc. While before they could only browse through the news items in various categories, now they can actually buy and subscribe to all these paid content available.

Google Play Newsstand gets new look, material design

If you're a fan of curated news apps that look just like a magazine as you flip through all the relevant news just like you would a magazine, then the new look of Google Play Newsstand just might convince you to use it. The app, built-in for some devices and downloadable for others, has just updated with a new look and improved services to appeal to users to make it (one of) their news reader of choice.

Google adds four more countries to paid content on Newsstand

Four countries are now the recipients of an advanced birthday gift from Google. Well, that is, if they actually were hankering to be able to access paid content from the Google Newsstand. India, the Netherlands, Russia and Spain were added to the list of countries that can now buy newspapers and magazines from the Newsstand, joining a very “elite” number of countries that can do so.

Stop the presses! Top 5 news readers for Android

Thanks to the Internet and mobile devices, we live in a world where we get an almost never-ending flow of news available at our fingertips. So much so that now our problem is how to best handle that flood of information rushing towards us. News readers have become not just our source but also our filter and our shield, not just letting us choose the news and topics that we do want while keeping others at bay, they also give a bit of a visual flair to those bits of information, making the reading experience more pleasurable and engaging. Here are our top 5 picks for news readers on Android.

Google Currents app officially replaced by Newsstand

Google is rolling out the latest update for the Currents app. Or maybe more accurate, Google is in the process of rolling out the final update for the Current app. The update is telling users they should check out Google Play Newsstand. There is a bit of information for existing Currents users, but essentially this is the Currents RIP notice.

Google updates Drive and Newsstand with new widgets, better performance

Google has updated two apps, with both Drive and Newsstand seeing improvement tweaks. The cloud storage solution is getting a quicker way to scan and upload, while Newsstand gains support for more languages. Both also come with the ubiquitous ‘bug fixes’, but also important and timely updates to increase usage.