Samsung remains primary Apple supplier through 2014 despite deal with TSMC

Word surfaced back in April that Apple distancing itself from fierce competitor Samsung, forming a partnership with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. Those plans didn't pan out immediately, however, because the Taiwanese company - called TSMC - failed to make chips that were up to Apple's various standards. Today TSMC announced that it has ironed out the issues and officially entered into a deal with Apple, but through the next year Samsung will remain the company's main supplier.

Google tipped to be building a game console and Nexus smartwatch

It looks like Google is about to get into a lot more hardware than just the Chromebook Pixel. A new report has just broke that will surely get some peoples interest piqued, and rumors swirling. Google is apparently building their own Android-powered game console, a Nexus smartwatch, and even a new Nexus Q. Talk about a loaded rumor. Read on for more thoughts.

Motorola: “A Google Company” new logo revealed

While we've yet to hear or see a confirmation from official channels, multiple sources and images have emerged this morning revealing the new logo and tagline for Motorola. With a new minimalistic design and lowercase M we have "motorola: a Google Company" being graced by a nice soft purple logo, as well as the multicolored one shown below.

HTC CEO Peter Chou sticking by brand

The latest, most breaking news out of HTC is at least somewhat consoling: Peter Chou, head CEO for the company will not be stepping down, no matter how turbulent or troubled the future may get. For Mr. Chou, it's been a personal investment since day one.

Feedly Cloud arrives to help replace Google Reader

As the termination date for Google Reader draws near, Feedly has stayed in the news as a viable replacement service for all you RSS fans, and today their option just got even better. After improving their Android app, today they've announced the Feedly Cloud that will help us all seamlessly transition away from the dying Google Reader, and into Feedly's arms.

Google aims to improve their Government transparency status

In case you've been living under a rock, or protecting your thoughts with a tinfoil hat, there's been tons of talk lately about the NSA, and government spying in on our calls and more. Between the Verizon NSA news and the so-called PRISM scandal, this has been a hot topic. Google's CEO shared some thoughts last week, and now we're getting details about their upcoming plans for transparency in general.

Facebook invite teases arrival of a “new product” next week

Apparently the folks from Facebook have another product they'd like to share with the world. The man in charge, Mark Zuckerberg, and his entire team have been busy adding Twitter-style #hashtags to Facebook, introducing new home replacement launchers on Android, and even the HTC First "Facebook Phone" (fail) but apparently they aren't done yet.
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