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Let the Glean Android app curate all the news that interests you

With all the news, events, blogs, and posts out there, it’s easy to drown in all the information, and probably miss the ones that you really wanted to see. Content curation apps like Flipboard, Zite, Feedly, are hugely popular now to help us make sense of the noise, and it wouldn’t hurt to have a new one compete with them, especially one that has been built specifically for Android devices. Meet Glean, who can possibly be your new digital best friend.

LinkedIn Pulse updated for more relevant, professional news

There are a lot of apps out there that bring you the news or articles relevant to your interests in either a magazine style or a digest format. And with so many sites, blogs, apps out there, you really need to streamline your information or else you will miss out on the things that matter and get stuck watching kittens do cute stuff. For a more "professional" news update, LinkedIn is now releasing a newly-redesigned Pulse app that will bring you the most relevant news related to your industry and your network.

Paperboy News Reader: making sense of all the news on your feed

If you live in a country that has reasonable to great Internet connection and if you have a smartphone or tablet, chances are, you don't get your news from an actual newspaper or even from the TV set anymore. Digital news readers are the item du jour, at least when it comes to people who want to keep abreast of all that is happening in the digital and real world.

Corgi for Feedly brings you news you want to actually read

If you've missed having a dog deliver your newspaper (of if you've always wanted to experience that), you can have the 21st century digital edition of that piece of American suburban life. Corgi for Feedly brings you the news that actually matters to you in a manner that doesn't have too many frills and bells. It's just a straightforward news reader to help you sort through or make sense of all the gazillion news items or articles that you come across each day.

Palabre: RSS reader with Material design, customizable options

With all the websites that you monitor, the social media accounts that you follow and the articles that come across your feed, sometimes, it's just hard to keep up with all of them. That's why you have your RSS readers and news aggregator apps to help you make sense of all of these. A new kid on the block called Palabre is now available for your devices, and its Material Design and features makes it a must have for Android users.

New version of Feedly for Android released

Feedly is one of the Top 5 News Readers for Android.  And just recently, its developer has pushed out a new version for Android. It's still the same reliable reader app but has been enhanced to support higher resolution images. The app now features new settings theme that follows Material Design--the Holo Light and Material Light. Feedly URL shortening has retired and a new Twitter sharing has be introduced. As with most app updates, the new Feedly promises fewer freezes and crashes.

Inoreader: Yet another RSS and News Reader app for Android

Google Reader may be out but there are a number of RSS readers available. We've seen a few lately like Source, a Material Design news reader from EvolveSMS developer. Of course, there's also the regularly updated Flipboard. Other popular reader apps include the Feedly Cloud, NewsBlur, and Sony Social Life among others. Recently updated is the Inoreader --an RSS & News Reader app that lets you search for interesting stuff on social network and on the web.

NewsBlur attempts to replace Google Reader on your mobile device

If by this time you are still mourning the demise of Google Reader and you don't have a proper replacement yet, this app will try to be the one. NewsBlur attempts to become the app that will try to make sense of all the websites, articles and information that is available on the Internet. Having a proper news reader is very important to keep you updated while not going into information overload.

Source: a Material Design news reader from EvolveSMS dev

With a ton of news readers on Android, especially those that use the same news sources, differentiation can be a bit difficult. Considering that functionality is almost always the same, such apps nowadays compete on the design. Using the principles of Material Design, Klinker Apps, makers of the popular apps such as Talon for Twitter, EvolveSMS and the new Blur Launcher, has announced Source, a news reader whose beauty lies in its simplicity.
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